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I've been a long time Comcast subscriber. Probably over 20 years in total with a short, unimpressive period with DirecTV. For the last 3 years, I've been under contract for Business Class Internet and Residential Cable. The first problem is that I couldn't combine the two in the same online account. I couldn't do it and they couldn't do it. So no big deal. I'll wait for my contracts to be up and I'll move everything into residential.

So the time comes and I call the Business side of Comcast a couple months prior to the end date, just to check on things. Yep, my contract expires in 2 months but no one cares to mention that I have to sign a written authorization, 60 days in advance, in order to cancel without penalties. I'm sure it's in the fine print in my contract somewhere, but I must have missed it. I'm a loyal customer and I'm hoping they'll take that into consideration. Especially since I'm not leaving, I'm just rearranging.

So, day of, I call and order a Double Play package. The residential rep tells me that my Business Service will automatically be cancelled when we make the move. Happy days...

Get everything installed; everything works great. But, just to be sure, I call the Business folks. Oh no, you have to sign a 60 day notice of termination.

So I plead my case to 'we_can_help@cable.comcast.com' and my case is sent to their "Loyalty Department". I'm figuring I'm a shoe in as a candidate. They respond fairly quickly and I'm thinking life is going to be good. Then I get a call from a "Loyalty" rep.

My case has been escalated to her. She has reviewed what I wrote but she wants to hear it from me, word of mouth. So I go through the whole "20 years loyal" and "switching services but not leaving" story. I'm thinking I've got pocket Aces at this point.

Then she begins the vertical fall. She is overly suffocating in her approach, with "she understands my pain" condescension."We know you've been such a loyal customer", "You have never had a late payment", "You've never missed a payment", "we're so grateful to have you as our customer".


NO, WE WON'T LET YOU OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS CONTRACT. And she does it with that little lilt in her voice that makes you think she's really enjoying this little show. I really think she was. "Tell me your story and I"ll sound like I empathize with you, before I tell you no". I asked her why she even had me verbalize the situation to her if she already knew what the decision would be. She just giggled... in that Comcast sort of way.

Here is the real issue. Comcast has the best service and we all know it. But they know it too and they are going to get ever nickel they think they have coming to them.

One day, Comcast, technology will change things.And you won't have your little monopoly on us. All things change and I don't think you're going to be prepared for it when it does. And then I'll get to giggle... in my Comcast Subscriber sort of way.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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By the best service you mean the worst, most shotty service known to man... right? It's too bad they have monopoly in a lot of areas, or they wouldn't have as many "loyal" (and patient) customers.