Comcast is always bragging on tv about how xfinity wifi is supposed to be fast. It's slow!

It's absolutely horrible. It took me about 5 minutes to get to this page and finally be able to start writing this. The wifi range is the worst also. The modem is on the living which is no further than 15 feet from my room, and the signal I get in my room is absolutely the worst.

I have to be close to the door to get a fair connection.

If you're planning on getting Comcast, DON'T!!!! I DON'T RECOMEND IT AT ALL, YOU WILL REGRET IT.

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Newport, Minnesota, United States #690434

Sorry, but this is pretty idiotic. The modem is sitting 15 feet from you and you don't get very good signal?

Signal has absolutely nothing to do with the modem. You must have a really crappy router, which has nothing to do with Comcast.

to Comcast Customer #980318

The modem they give you is trash

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