I've just installed the Latest Hardware Update from Comcast/xfinity about two weeks ago, the ARRIS TG1682G. The regrets have begone.

Let me start by talking about the previous hardware that wasn't very impressive to start off with, at least the WiFi portion of it. My home isn't very big, lets say it's 50' x 40' and that's being generous. The unit sits at the far end of the first floor in my office on top of a bookcase. 15' from the unit, the WiFi signal dropped from 5 bars to 1 or 2.

So, I added an older Linksy WiFi Router which resolved that issue. Two WiFis, but the problem was solved. I also have a wired Ethernet Network that required the help of a Netgear GS105 Gigabit Switch that I installed 01/17/2015 to give access to two other rooms. Everything was working as I expected it to.

Now that I installed the latest updated hardware from Comcast or xfinity, issues have begone. First my Epson Network printer is no longer recognized, second my Sony Media Player is knocked out of the loop, third my LG BlueRay Player is out. As it turns out the issue is between the ARRIS TG1682G Modem/WiFi Router and the NetGear ProSAFE GS105 switch. Comcast can't Help and NetGear wants $90.00 to fix the issue, which they assure me they can do in about 30 to 45 minutes.

$90.00 is more that I paid for the unit it's self. Are they nuts? I asked " Are you telling me that if I went out today and bought a new switch by NetGear that I'd have to pay $90.00 to get the unit setup?" he said "Yes, I'm afraid so." Now I had already given him remote access to my pc to find the issue, but after that remark I knocked him out of my pc and hung up in frustration. I had a woman from Comcast on the phone at the same time, she had nothing reassuring to say.

So, I hung up on her too. Besides all this, I had not seen any significant difference in speed to any degree. My WiFi devices still lags when on YouTube, which for my household seems to be paramount.

So, in short I'm not a happy camper today because my ARRIS TG1682G and NetGear GS105 don't communicate.

Reason of review: Compatability Issues.

Preferred solution: Offer me a compatabile product at a reasonably low price .

Comcast Cons: Ondemand, Internet speed.

Location: Hammonton, New Jersey

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Received tg1682g upgrade to replace previous xfinity modem. Noted does not have backup battery which will cost me $40.

The older one has battery but it’s not compatible.

Think it’s time to shop for a replacement and stop paying Comcast. Appreciate the recommendations.


Trade it in for a Cisco DCP3941T at Comcast. Same Specs Unit as Arris


dlink dcs 1100-16 works great


S6 Phone is only thing that recognizes higher band. Chromecast, two laptops and nanny cam are all unstable as a result of this unit.


Same on my end... Netgear GS105 causes many problems and slowdowns on my network.