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Comcast contacted internet subscribers were contacted about putting a new modem/router, I received one that was disabled; the tech installed it and was defective so he put in another modem.

After installation, my wireless system printer et.al shut down.

Comcast had a tech [nice guy] come out and try to resolve the issue. (3's) with little or no success.

Again, I called Comcast, and I was referred to HP, who had some type of agreement.

I was set up with foreign tech. who had difficulty understanding my HP printer and the issue at hand. HP eventually got the the problem taken care of; However HP tried to sell me extended warranties! Twice!

My chief complaint: Why does Comcast/Xfinity practice such non professional activity with Hewlitt-Packer? They wasted my time along with their frustrated empolyes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

Monetary Loss: $246.

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To eliminate all that hassle, years ago I bought my own cable modem. I had to buy again DOCSIS3.0 compliant Motorola SB6141 top of the line.

It's money in the bank.

Simple to setup. Allthough, you may have to wait uop to a day or 2 for there system to 'update' their information properly.

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