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So I've recently switched to Comcast (about 3 months ago) and just a day ago I've received a copyright alert telling me that my Internet connection was used to download copyrighted material.

I haven't downloaded anything for the last 3 months. No songs, no movies, nothing. Yet, I've received an alert.

In other words, some hackers used my Internet connection and now I'll be going to jail for what they downloaded. Honestly, Comcast - you're doing a great job!

Or maybe I should congratulate current government!!! After all they came up with a *** idea of SOPA, PIPA and other similar ***

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I also got a call notifying me of a copyright infringement - only problem is that I got the call on my cell. I never gave Comcast my cell number - they have always previously called the landline that we gave them. Seems to be something strange going on.


CALM DOWN THERE, BIG GUY! Comcast isn't going to rat you out or send you to jail, they're simply passing on the complain they received that showed your IP connected to the download/sharing of the material. You are responsible to ensure that you connection is secured and if it isn't, that's something YOU should correct.

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If you are using a wireless router in your home, you may want to make sure it is locked. Someone may be accessing the internet using your wireless router. If this is the case, it will look as if it is you doing the illegal downloading.

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