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No 1. I had my internet connection issues, it disconnected every afternoon and I called comcast customer service many times and they never solve the problem.

finally the technician said they would send a person to my home to fix it, then I asked if they will charge me for in home visit and answer is no. then the technician came to my home and replace a cable line outside my home since it was too old and those lines for other users are relative new, so he believes that caused the connection issue. meanwhile, the technician changed a cable line in my home also because he is not sure if the indoor line works well. Then I receive a $70 charge on this one month later.

I called to customer service and told them the whole story, but they still on insisting charging me for at least $35. They said because the technician replaced the indoor cable line. I told them the technician never told me this would be charged for $70 or he is not sure it was needed to change. So it is very possible that the technician hided the billing information and did the indoor line change intentionally for charging me $70.

No 2. in last year, still with disconnection issue on my internet and still the technician cannot solve the problem. then they told me to bring my own modem to the local service center and use it to change a comcast modem for free. Then I did and gave them my modem and got one from them and used it.

Last month, I received a letter from comcast and said I need to pay them $10 modem rental fees. I called them 3 weeks ago and they told me today that I was not supposed to do it, and need to pay the rental fee. I asked where is my modem they said they only care their modem. What a terrible service!!!

The comcast service asked to local store to find my old modem, I am in GA now and the store is in IL.

Why not say this 3 weeks ago when I was in IL? I have reported this issue since 3 weeks ago.

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Saginaw, Michigan, United States #1043549

1. They always charge you a service call if the problem is inside your home, but don't if the problem is outside, eg., with their lines.

They fixed the outside line plus your line inside. The $35 charge is correct as they replaced your inside line. I expect they initially charged you for both, incorrectly, which your phone call to them corrected.


As for the modem. Some companies do charge a rental fee for a modem, tho $10---for what period I know not---seems excessive if for only one month. Even at $5 a month, you would do well to just return their modem and not have to pay the rental fee and go to or even Best Buy or WalMart and buy your own modem for less than $100 which will pay for itself within a year or so. Just make sure you call Comcast and get the type and specs so a new modem will work with their service.

They may even have this info on their website if you search for it in their FAQs or support portion of the website.

May I suggest you look into getting Charter Communications as your internet and/or cable provider? They offer service in your city per their website. Cable is much faster and reliable than Comcast.

Personally, I just have Charter internet and dropped their cable TV and now just stream anything I want via the internet with Roku, Amazon Prime, or many sites for all the movies and TV shows I want from all over the world for free.

But, if you like paying big bucks a month for channels you never watch, so be it. Good luck.

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