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I have been with Comcast for 15 years and no one could tell me that Comcast was a bad company. It surprised me when I called to pay my bill that was a total of $326.00.

First, when I spoke with the rep. she stated that my account was $326.00 past due WITH an attitude and the correct amount that was past due was $48.00. When I stated that I was going to pay $300 and pay the rest later she became even more condescending and tried to set up the remaining "$26.00". I wouldn't have mind but her attitude was so ugly that I asked her if only paying $300 was a problem.

She ignored my question and said "What's the card number?" And the attitude goes on.. I gave my payment information but as soon as I got off the phone my internet turns off when I tried to call back on my house phone, my phone would not work. I called on my cell phone to have my service discontinued set for the 15th of February because I needed to finish some business. After I set up the discontinue service, I continued to have issues with my internet service, when I call today February 9, 2015 to have the voice service reset the internet, it stated it could not reset.

I was connected to tech support and the customer rep was very rude and stated that my service was already disconnected. I asked her, "So I paid up to the 15th and Comcast had already disconnected my service?." I hung up with the rude tech rep and called the regular number to speak with a manager and the next rep took my information and told me a manager would get back with me. A manager never returned my call. Then the internet turned back on.

I was paying Comcast almost $300 a month and was not under contract. I thought and told everyone Comcast was the best. I was a loyal customer. Now I look foolish to my neighbors and friends.

I decided not to continue my services til 2/15/2015 and I had to call sales to have my service discontinued for 2/10/2015 (the sales rep was very polite until I told him the reason for my call. I was not rude to him, he did nothing to me but he represented the same disposition) because I could no longer get through on my home phone nor my cell phone with current customer prompts. I do not like giving reviews or complaints but I want others to know my experience and from my experience not to sign a contract with a company whose business ethics and integrity is displayed in their customer representatives.

NO business of service will survive a long-term competitive advantage with poor customer service. This is how innovation is created by wanting something better.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. TBH2015 stated that there is a room for improvement of poor customer service and service. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "i thought comcast was the best now i am only embarrassed." of comcast bundle. Comcast needs to "just wanted comcast to know i was loyal to you. this was not my first experience with bad customer reps. my experienced was in 2013 and has continued since. as i said before, i will miss you" according to poster's claims.

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