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well about a year ago. i was paying $80.65.

now it's gone up to 140.00 month. with no hbo,max, or movies.this sucksbig time. don't want cancel because i need to watch t.v at night. they need to have less prices for existing comtomers.

i been with them for over seven years. serially thinking about going with someone else with better prices.... any one? know's somehting!!

well i have to write at less 100 words.

so i call dish network and they want $800 to install that's not right. where can i get free cable without paying a dime

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I just got internet and hooked it up to my TV to watch movies and stream TV shows for free. It's great since there are no commercials and it's a *** of a lot less than cable, which is an extreme rip off, especially if it's Comcast.


If you have internet service, you could certainly use other options for watching "TV" such as streaming Netflix, or Hulu, or Crackle.

As long as you have internet, you are never "stuck" with TV service.

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