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Signed up online for xfinity. Got the 2 year $199 tripleplay deal with a $300 gif card.

Only needed to confirm with an online 'signup expert'. This is where the switch and bait started. He confirmed the $199 for the first 12 months, 12-24 months would be $219.99 and over 24 months $249.99. So what happened to the 24 months $199 guaranteed?

He checked (10 min), I was right. He said ok, the installation will be $79.99. I said no, inline it stated $29.99. I was right (10 min later).

He said you'll be paying $15 per extra set top box. I said no. There was no mention of such charge. Won't pay it.

He said I'll see what I can do. 45 Minutes later; I got you down to $30 for the extra set top boxes. Is that ok with you? I said no.

He said, but I'll also waive the voice activation of $29.95. I said; that's for free when signing up thru Comcast.com. He said, well the good thing is you'll get the $200 prepaid card. I said, it's supposed to be $300.

Another 30 minutes later he confirmed all of the above. Then he said, ok I can have your service installed on the 28th. I said no, I already have an online confirmation for the 22nd. I'll be overseas on the 28th.

He said, after yet another 20 minutes. no problem, we'll get you installed on the 22nd. I just saw the confirmation you got online. So after over two hours I finally got the confirmation I already got online.

30 minutes later I get a call from Comcast to confirm my appointment on the 28th. No technician available on the 28th. Ok that's it, I'm canceling. Or at least trying to cancel....

already on hold for 35 minutes waiting for someone to answer.

What a joke! But I'm not amused!

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #639142

I just tried to order the 69.99 double play as stated online. Called to get it, and said "no, its 74.99".

I asked her what the deal was, and told me the price was based on the physical address, not the zip code. HUH?

I don't know how I can pull up the price on the internet and then call the 1-800 number and they quote me $5 more. :?

Needless to say I wasn't REALLY thrilled about getting their services anyway, and it sounds like I dodged a bullet.

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