Berkeley, California
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I have lived in several second-world countries. The internet service there was faster and more reliable than Comcast/Xfinity in California.

Comcast has a 1 star rating in Consumer Reviews - that's with over 1,000 respondents. My pingplot is consistently in the red. Pretty amazing, considering this is the East Bay. Currently I am pingplotting a connection.

It is nothing but red. It starts with the first hop ( and never reaches its destination.

I do not understand why Comcast customers accept this. (I am consigned to my landlord's connection, or I would have cancelled long ago.)

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Sitting in a hotel in Chicago that has Comcast Hotel internet, about 6:00 pm the internet speed slows to a crawl, too slow to even run a speed test. If I had this at home I'd probably chew my arm off. I have Cox at home and it runs rings around this.