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I have had comcast internet for about 9 months and 6 months of that was with the signal dropping about 5 times an hour for anywhere from 5 to 10 mins. finally they were able to figure out that the wires they were using were bad and replaced them.

Now our modem is going bad with the ethernet port. I call to have a tech come replace the modem and he comes out replaces 2 more lines doesnt touch the modem and says "there its fixed". needless to say he was full of ***. I now went and bought my own modem and they cant connect it over the phone so i set up an appointment for them to manually come out and hook it up and they dont show up, but not only that when i call them about it they say its my fault that I didnt respond to the verification call which of course i did or i wouldnt have been calling their *** ***.

All this aside what *** me off the most is that no matter what you've been through they continue to tell you to calm down, that "we are sorry", and that customer service is their number 1 priority(what a *** joke).

to sum it all up *** comcast i would rather have {{Redacted}} removed through my *** then deal with these incompetent *** heads. thanks for the vent I feel alot better, but still *** comcast.

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