Comcast recently changed their bill paying routine. Used to be, you would get the information about past due amounts/service interruptions fairly quickly when calling into to customer service, through their automated csr. This worked well and one could quickly pay your bill and the service was back up in seconds.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of actually getting to a live person and that's when the problems started. After getting drilled by the human for more information than I cared to discuss I had her transfer me to the automated system so I could pay my past due amount and avoid the additional $5. She transferred me to another human. After asking for the automated system again, the system was no longer recognizing my customer info, so I hung up. When calling back I got the automated system and made my payment and thought all was good. Cable would be up shortly and internet was never out. After about 10 minutes, I called back and the said that they would ping the cable. That's when the internet went out and cable was up. Not good. So after about 20 minutes during which I unplugged the modem a couple of times, I decided to fill out the comcast info on the default internet page. This brought down both internet and cable. The default comcast page started timers 10 mins for the internet to come up and 45 minutes for the cable to be up. Yeesh! We went to dinner. Came back to find internet was fine but cable had to be customized again. We had to set up favorites and recordings all over again.

Gotta think that human error malicious or not was in involved in the ordeal. So next time I call, and get a human, I'm hanging up immediately and call back and use the automated system directly.

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