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I have NEVER had such a nasty experience with anything that I have with Comcast!

Here is the story:

I was living in a condo where the cable was included and I have to pay only for the internet. I chose Blast Internet and was paying $34.99 per month plus all the fees. The total bill was $43.47.

In the begging of April I was moving to the new community. I called Comcast to set up the move. The representative informed me that the cable is not included anymore, and asked me what services I want to have.

I told her, that I want to keep my Blast internet as to the cable I only watch TNT, FX, SYFY and NBA. The representative told me that this channels are in the Digital Starter package and the price for the internet and this cable will be $54.99 + fees.

I agreed even though I couldn't understand why the bill is so high. I will be paying now $73.47 for internet + cable TV with Digital starter package.

My services worked for 3 days, after that everything went OFF and it says: Requires Activation. Called Comcast 5 times to do the activation – nothing helped. Finally they said that the technician has to come over to see what’s wrong. The technician came on April 23.

Mind you, I was without service for 2 weeks already. The technician has to re-wire the house, because however connected it the first time made a mistake! Also the technician informed me that I have only Limited Basic TV. I was really frustrated.

Called Comcast AGAIN!!!!! Spoke with really nice representative who informed that the $54.99 per month is a promotion for Blast Internet + Limited Basic TV! I was like: ‘But that’s not what I was told!” He apologized and told me that he will contact the Resolution department so they can fix the situation. The resolution department then informed him that even though they don’t have the package for this price – they will create the package specifically for me, so I will have Digital Starter TV + Blast Internet for $54.99. The representative informed me, that Resolution department will create a package and will take them 1-3 days and they will contact me. NOBODY DID!

I called the Resolution department on April 25 to check the status. The representative was really nasty and told me that the only was he can do it is for me to pay $89.99. I got frustrated and told him, that the previous representative assured me, that they can do it and about the price and also they he was in contact with the resolution department. “That’s not true! I apologize for miscommunication……….” And so on and so forth. I asked to talk to the supervisor – He said that the supervisor is not available and he can create a memo, so that the supervisor will get back to me within 24-48 hours.

Guess what? Nobody did get back to me. Today is April 28, I will pay for this month service which I didn't have $73.47. I called Comcast again – got the same response about $89.99 + fees.

Comcast is ripping people off. In my new community Comcast has internet monopoly, so not any other company can provide the internet service. And as everybody knows, only when you bundle you can get the decent pricing.

My friend lives in North Miami – she is paying $64 for Blast Internet + Digital Starter package (fees included). And since I live in the community where Comcast has monopoly – I will pay $105 per month for the same services!!!!!

BIGGEST LEGALIZED SCAM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! COMCAST IS RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!!!!! I would gladly cancel the service, but I can’t, because nobody will be able to provide internet for me. I'm stuck with Comcast!

After so many years with Comcast this all came as a nasty surprise! I was really under the impression that Comcast has nice service in all areas!! I was mistaken!!!!!!!!!! I would NEVER recommend Comcast to anybody and will definitely post my story everywhere!! What and awful, nasty and frustrating experience!!!!!


Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Bundle.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #817450

I believe everything in your story about different individuals making promises and lack of call backs.

If I had not experienced the same I would have thought you might be exaggerating .

I am moving to Direct TV which I have very good reviews and I am hoping that I can get by with Century Link for my internet.

I have been a cable customer for 32 years so I am really stepping out.

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