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August 29th: I called and spoke to a nice gentleman about downgrading my service and transferring it to my new apartment 15 mintues away. I was put at ease and told that my switch should be a breeze since the person in my new apartment had Comcast that was disconnected the night before, which should make for an easy transition. He threw in free Showtime and HBO for 6 months to give me added value. I was happy after this conversation.

Same day: I get to my new apartment, hook everything up and nothing works. I call Comcast and am on hold for 30 mintutes at least 4 different times trying to get a signal to pick up at my apartment. Unfortunately nothing worked, I need to have a tech come out for both internet and cable tv. The soonest they could come out was Sept 3rd between 2:00pm - 4:00pm. Awesome, new home, no internet, no tv, no netflix... looks like a rough Labor day but I'm hopeful. I had to email my boss and make sure I could get the time off since working from home would not be an option without internet. They promised to credit my account for the time without service (but only after I asked).

September 3rd: I get home at 2:00pm and by 3:55pm I am getting nervous. I called and the automated system (which I could now recite to you as I have heard it over and over again on the 29th) which stated please press 1 to confirm your appointment. Confirm my appointment? Ummmm no. I spoke to customer service person who notified me that my tech would be there but he was running late. Wow. Now I have take time off of work only for my time to be completely wasted. He shows up at 4:45pm and comes in to hook up my service. He switches my box three times, switches my cable modem and small bedroom box and calls Comcast to get a signal sent to all. I watch your poor service tech on hold for the next 45 minutes. How rude. You even wasted your own employees time. Terrible. He finally left at 6:30. Service was up and running but my brand new cable box was a total downgrade and only works when the remote is aimed the perfect spot. 2:00pm - 6:30pm! Feel free to pay me for the time I lost at work... too bad Comcast doesn't care about wasting their customers or employees time. Terrible.

September 17th: I called Comcast to talk about getting more channels because I'm slowly learning that the guy who sold me on a lesser package on the 29th of August, did not learn anything about myself or what I watch as the channels I have are not meeting my needs. I speak to a nice girl who continued to tell me that I could pay $20 more for a better channel assortment. I told her I do not want that, I want to speak to her manager. Mind you, it took my entire 1 hour lunch break talking to her/being on hold waiting for more info/waiting to hear from her manager. I finally tell her that I am on lunch and am not able to take more time for this. She took my number and promised that someone would be calling me back later today. NO ONE CALLED. Now I don't trust you.

September 23rd: I called Comcast asking to disconnect my service. I knew I had a money back 30 day guarantee and wanted to take advantage as I'd like to switch to Dish since they have such awesome new customer perks! I called at 5:30 and was transfered to a gal whom I lost patience with quickly. I told her that I was NOT going to pay $20 more to get better channels when for LESS MONEY I could switch to Dish. She said "I'm not going to ask you to do that and if you were listening to me, you would have heard that I am in an elevated call center where she is able to get better deals for me as she knows that I am already aggravated". Why wasn't this done in the first place when I called upset before?!?! Regardless, I apologize and told her I would listen. She gets me a better package that is only going to be $10 more/month and the package should suit my needs. I asked about my free showtime and HBO, she gets them re-activated (ummm why did they disappear). I asked her about my credit from having no cable from Aug 29th - Sept 3rd. She re-credits that (again, why wasn't it there?!?!). I asked her about the credit from the tech showing late. I also asked her about my terrible box. She told me I have a credit at my nearest Comcast location and should be able to get it switched no problem. Great, another inconvenience. I bet when I hook this one up it won't work either and I'll have to schedule a tech. These were all questions I shouldn't need to ask!!! We finish up on the phone and I decide to turn on my tv only to find out that MY CABLE TV AND INTERNET NO LONGER ARE WORKING. I was on the phone with Comcast again until 8:45pm last night. Luckily I finally got a decent person who was able to get everything working after speaking to two that could not. When I On Demand was available at around 10:00, I noticed that I no longer have Showtime. Awesome.

September 24th: I come to work and decide that I am DONE dealing with Comcast on the phone and decided to chat instead to ask about my free showtime. Emmanuel tells me that I can call the direct line to Eden Prairie Comcast since they have the code to get it sent to my dvr since he does not. Great. One more phone call to Comcast.

I am BEYOND FRUSTRATED. Look at my bill from last month and you will see NO CREDITS OR DISCOUNTS.

Technical suppport needs to stop being outsourced. I hate that I know that there is a drastic difference in the knowlege and support given when you call for tech support since it is outsourced and breaking the accent barrier is going to kill your patience to begin with.

No more automated systems that repeat the same phrase twice in a row. When you call 1-800-xfinity you get the same phrase twice right away when you call. It makes the customer feel dumb and its a rude waste of time.

Why can some customer service people help, send signals, adjust billing... when others are completely incompitent. Total disconnect.

Regardless of how awesome that woman was who saved me from disconnecting last night, I want to disconnect simply because I genuinely believe that COMCAST DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMERS.

I would have refunded my money and done WAY more to prove any sort of integrity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Technical Support.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #967150

Terrible customer service no matter the issue. We had to replace our modem and did it online.

Message said "If you login with user and password to this web address, your modem will automatically be ordered." Did that, got the pop-up message that it had been ordered. 2 weeks later we get a nasty phone message that we didn't order our new modem for replacement and we are supposed to do that, I got on the phone and once I got to someone who could speak english enough for me to understand it took 15 minutes to explain the issue and after many repeated "We DID order it, it didn't come and we got a message that says we didn't order it." 2 more weeks, no modem. Called again and this time I had to tell the lady to stop talking about 5 times. She was more interested in trying to upsell me she would listen to the issue.

I had to tell her 3 times to stop talking and listen! I hate having to call there...

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