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I knew Comcast was the worst company in the world when I signed up, but AT&T has not run fiber to my neighborhood yet, and they are the only competition in Memphis. They butchered the install process, but all worked well for a couple years.

Then, a month ago, inexplicably, my Internet access dropped EVERY TIME IT RAINED. It would be out for hours. The useless *** at the level one help desk in Singapore or the Philippines, were, as usual, useless and annoying, when you could get through, when you weren't getting disconnected after getting in. An onsite tech told me I had "low signal" and someone else would have to go up the pole to fix it.

Someone else came, went up the pole, but it wasn't fixed. Comcast *** up and didn't show up for appointments to run new cable to my house not once but TWICE. After the second no-show, I fired them, but every waterhead you talk to wastes precious minutes of your life with their annoying retention efforts. I had to yell at everyone I was connected with in order to get them to shut up and cancel my service.

Comcast is the WORST company in the world, period, end of story.

They suck this bad because they know they can.

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Charleston, South Carolina, United States #700515

U-verse was horrible, but it was perfect compared to Comcast Xfinity.It's hard to know where to start, but the condensed version includes customer service people who outright lie, DVR receivers that break after a few weeks and more. In our first seven months with Xfinity, we are on our fourth HD DVR receiver, or we will be if Comcast ever get us a new one.

More than a week ago, we were promised by one customer service rep that a replacement would be here in 3-5 days. When it did not show up, we called to ask where it was. The CS rep who answered yesterday apologized -- the one thing Comcast reps can actually do -- but explained that the replacement DVR had never been ordered. We were waiting on something that would never arrive and had we not called, we would not have known.

The rep said he would get one overnighted to us to arrive on Thursday. We even spoke to a customer service supervisor who confirmed the express delivery was in the works. As Thursday is winding down, I called Comcast again to see where our overnight shipment was. Once again, it was never ordered.

At Comcast, customer service is non-existent because the company is staffed with incompetent ***. Not only are they incompetent; they are, for the most part, bold-faced liars. Comcast will tell you whatever they think you want to hear.

The person who posted that Comcast has the worst customer service of any company in the world was close. Actually, Comcast isn't the worst, but if it improves a bit it can be.

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