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I had ordered xfinity tv and internet service through an online promotion that included the Preferred (220+ channels) Double play cable TV and 50mbs internet for $89.99/month for 1st 12 months and would increase to $119.99/month from months 13 through 24. I made sure that a cable card was in the order (at $0 per month) since I wanted to use my own Tivo box.

When the install guy came out he did not have the cable card and waned to connect Xfinity's own dvr box instead. He claimed that Comast is no longer sending out cable cards for Tivo boxes and they no longer support Tivo... which were all false statement based on phone calls I had made with Comcast prior to purchasing Tivo who all told me a cable card would work with their service. I made another call to Comcast and after being on the phone for over an hour finally got it straightened out and they would have another install person come out within 30 minutes. That person never showed up so I went to their service center on Milwaukee Ave. to get the cable card myself.

Well when I got to the service center it turned out that Comcast had modified my plan to be only internet with no TV channels and the weren't going to honor the online promotion that I got. Through more hassle of maybe a few hours more they added the TV back on to my service... but now I have to have to install my Tivo myself with the cable card. I then looked at my account online and discovered that they had added an additional service fee of $39.94 plus three $20 fees for each service even though I had requested only TV cable and Internet. The original deal was a $39.95 install fee and $0 service fee that I got from my online promotion. I than also discovered that they weren't giving me the "Preferred" plan that had added channels. They were giving me the "Starter" plan with less channels for the same price of the deal I had.

I've probably spent a good 8 hours dealing with Comcast and the service is poor. No one can do anything or resolve issues. If they could only honor the plan the had got initially and had my service working like it should be there would be no problems. I would never deal with them in my life and I would tell anyone to stay clear from Comcast. They are a horrible company that don't care about their customers. The poorest customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life and I only had to deal with them two days!!!

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