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I revived a call from Comcast saying that I am eligible for a high speed internet and and digital TV for the same rate, basically the internet got a little bit faster and they shipped a digital box whiten 3 days, after I connected it I see no picture and I am getting an error message, I called comcast more then 10 times and every time Philippines agents answering the phone which they aren't knowledgeable about the issue or offer a technician to help to resolve the problem. they either hang up the phone or saying that a technician will call you in 2 minutes to troubleshoot the problem, which was a lie and they didn't call back, and I don't understand if he or she isn't technician what they are?!

I'd say they they best performance are to put falls charges and how to rip people off. they have just caused me a lot of frustration and no help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Chico, California, United States #1176359

I am a Comcast field technician, I a m sorry about your experience with Comcast phone support, I would recommend calling your local Comcast office and not the display number. We do work very hard to give a great service and to serve our customers, however you do have bad eggs in every profession.

Honestly sounds like your box needs to be activated. Did you have any services with us before the upgrade or was this the beginning of a new service? If it's a new service the office only knows that it had service at one time. If you had another service provider then I can guarantee that it won't work and you need a truck roll to get the line switched or a new one ran.

I hope this was helpful. I really do go out of my way as a tech to assure my customers are satisfied.

Correction I am a contractor.

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