I lose cable / internet at least a couple times a month now. I have a home based business (that relies on internet) and I am a college student taking online classes. I just wish I had a reasonable alternative to Comcast, because relying on this company has been nightmarish.

I came home from work today, to yet again discover that my house phone, cable and internet were down yet again. I called comcast and of course got their computer menu. I tried EVERY combination of choices. They all, but one, resulted in telling me to call 18005551212 (1800 directory service) and then ended my call. The only option that resulted in something different was the selection identifying me as a potential new customer. Sure - then they picked up.

Of course they couldn't help. But they couldn't even give me a number to call. They kept offering me the number to my local cable office, but it was after 6pm and they would not be open.

All I wanted to do was report that my service was down. . . . to ensure that somebody was working on the problem. It took over an hour of navigating computer menus and speaking to useless sales people and I got nowhere fast.

This is some of the worst customer service I have EVER experienced in my life. I can't remember the last time I was this frustrated. Even after putting extreme caution to not take out my frustrations on the poor sales woman - I was getting absolutely no help.

Really? call 1800 directory service? You've got to be kidding me.

I've lost money and suffered in my classes because of comcast's consistent failure to provide uninterrupted service. And not having any recourse is driving me crazy.

I HATE COMCAST and wish for a reasonable substitute so badly. I'd pay %150 of what I'm paying now, just to do business with a decent company.


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