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Dear Comcast,

While I appreciate you sending me a letter apologizing for my recent experiences with Comcast, I have to tell you it really just doesn't get much done for me.

I am not sure how familiar you are with my individual case so I will outline my experience with your company:

I moved to the Richmond, Va area recently and wanted High Speed internet access and possibly phone and cable TV as well. I went online and saw Comcast is the local provider. I tried the online live chat with Comcast and they could not get me service but would not explain why and instructed me to go to the local Comcast customer service center.

I went and waited in line for over 30 minutes. In a huge facility, with many empty customer service windows and only 2 people helping dozens customers. When I finally got to the front of the line and after a long process, was told I could not sign up for Comcast for the apartment I live in due to a problem with a previous tenant's bill. I was told I need to get written proof of lease and 2 photo ID's. I had to go back and get that, go back and wait in line ANOTHER 30+ minutes. Same situation, MANY customers, 2 people working customer service.

I requested service and was told it would take 3+ business days to clear the apartment and verify my lease, AFTER which, I could request service. I went online and requested service and was given a date and time the tech would come. I was called by an auto-message machine the night before confirming my appointment. No tech showed, no one called. I contacted Comcast and they told me the tech said I was not there. I informed them this was not true, was there. They said they did not have my number, I informed them they called me the night before. They told me it must be a mistake.

They said I could reschedule my installation, FOR THREE WEEKS LATER?!? I said I needed web and phone access. They apologized but said 3 weeks was the soonest possible. I went online and wrote a scathing comment about Comcast's lack of customer service.

The next day I was called by a customer service manager and she said she would have someone there the next day. I got an automated call confirming the appointment. No one showed, no one called. I called and went online to inquire why? They went through the exact same series of what I now know are scripted lies about how I was not there, they tried to call, didn't have my number… etc.

I called the manager back and she finally got a tech there the next day (8 days from when I began to try and become a paying customer). The tech who came was a Comcast employee. He shuffled around my apartment for 15 minutes taking 3 personal calls to his wife – who he appears to love very much – and told me the cable wiring in my apartment was no good, and would need to be rewired. Though he was a cable technician, he could not do it. He would set up an appointment.

The appointment was set for 2 days later. I got an auto-call confirming. No one showed or called. Same BS scripted lies from Comcast customer service. I called the manager and she sent out a tech that is a sub-contractor of Comcast who was FAR MORE HELPFUL AND HONEST. He could not RE-WIRE an apartment as the cables are in the walls. But he did get me some service. He got my phone working and SOME TV channels and some internet service.

I very promptly received a bill for full services. I called and went online to customer service MANY times telling them I was not getting many channels and only spotty web access. They had me reboot the cable box over and over and over… No one ever came out to check it, no one ever reduced my bill, no one ever offered any solution.

I went to take the cable box back and cancel my phone and TV and just keep my internet access, I had to wait in line ANOTHER 20+ minutes, this time there were 3 Comcast people at the windows – BIG improvement. I was told I had to come back and wait in line AGAIN to return the old *** equipment giving me web access and get a different older and crappier piece of equipment. I returned with it and waited in line for another 20+ minutes and was told that my internet access would cost $59.00+ a month even though I had a coupon for $19.99 a month – this was due to it being IMPOSSIBLE to unbundle at the cheaper price.

So, I am out $159 for the "service" that never once delivered what I was charged for, WEEKS and HOURS of my time, gas money, inconvenience to again have NO SERVICE.

And now I receive a letter from you telling me that Comcast is sorry? You offer nothing to remedy my loss of money, time off work, trouble, hassles, lying, and completely inept lack of basic service and yet assure me how serious you and Comcast take customer service? Amazing.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you try and sign up for Comcast at an apartment in Richmond, VA and see what type of customer service you receive. Go wait in line just once or twice and talk to the MANY unsatisfied and pissed off, PAYING CUSTOMERS. Even your employees know and acknowledge it is ridiculous at best.

I have had Cable TV/Phone/Web service with Cox, Time Warner and Comcast and have worked in Corporate America as a consultant for quite a few Fortune 500 companies and there is NO DOUBT in my mind that Comcast is the worst corporation I have ever dealt with in any and every regard and measure.

Thank you for taking time to read this. Have a nice day,

Ben Bartek

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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Thank you for taking the time to write out this thorough letter, and explaining the issue in full. Of course I'm not familiar with your situation, we have 60 million customer or so....who cares about your issues.

I really wanted to thank you for the 159 dollars that you put up front for me, it was great while on my december vacation I just got home from. Isn't it great to know that while all you hard working people out there pay comcast 100+ a month for services that don't cost anything to provide, Comcast is providing you with "lowest bidder" support, "no background check" installers, and keeping the local offices as lightly staffed as possible. You would almost think that they're going out of business the way they're cutting corners....but's really just comcast trying to make as much money as we can.

So anyway, I'm off to Maui for "january" vacation....please make sure you all pay your bills this month so we can get extra *** while on the road. I can get you that tech you need in 2-3 days and they'll be there from, jk...they're not coming hahahahha


Now that I have a "box" for better HD viewing, I can no longer record one program while watching another, and I can no longer record. It doesn't matter how it is set up, the recorder is "on" but recording nothing but ***.

I didn't want the *** box in the first place, and after two service calls, I am no further ahead than I was before the service calls. Good luck understanding anyone in customer service who speak with such heavy accents, that they are NOT understandable. After demanding to speak to an English speaking supervisor and being on hold for more than 5 minutes, I gave up. If there was any other cable service available in the Minneapolis area, you can bet I and many others would sign up for it.

I bet the executives and employees have better service than the rest of us who actually pay for service. Comcast sucks!

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