Comcast placed a wireless modem in my house for me. We are constantly loosing wireless signal.

I called to find out what to do and was told that I had to pay to talk with a technical expert. I pay $150.00 per month for service and they want me to pay to talk to a technician. I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor called me back and was extremely rude.

and made veiled threats about disconnecting my service.

I hung up on the supervisor.

This was the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The issue is still unresolved.

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Unfortunately Comcast outsources your local internet and phone troubleshooting to South America, The Philipines and India.

Remember if they send out a tech, it doesn't cost anything for the visit itself, only if the technician concludes that it is something in your home like bad signal from using too many splitters in your home that make the actual internet slow. If your internet is slow because of splitters or wiring, your wireless will crawl.


I got rid of Comcast years ago . I have the complete plan with Verizon .What a difference.

had trouble setting up the router and a tech walked me through it, I had to put in the routers code for security .The installation was very neat and I can access in my cellar to all their controls.The price is what it is ; but I pay for the service . My cable went out twice during hurricane Sandy for a short time ; but my Internet kept going . I swear by Verizon .

my Internet is really fast with no interruptions . I need it for do web-pages .

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