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So much has happened it has been unbelieveable.We called to find out about downgrading.

We had our cable for many years and our internet we had for 1 year. I know I signed up for only 1 year but they said we signed up for 2 years when we started the internet. They wouldn't tell us on the phone what our "contract" says so they mailed it to us. What I noticed is the "contract" they sent us was dated for 4 months after we signed up and it said "if you don't reply to this notice you will be enrolled in a 2 year agreement!" What the heck is that?!

I don't remember receiving it, so if we did get it it was mixed in with all the other random junk mail they send us. Very sneaky. But what is worse is after finally talking to several reps, one of them told me they have a "NEW" promotion where we could get basic cable and internet of 20 mbps for $39.99 a month for one year and $54.99 for the second year. I told her I don't like committing to contracts but that was what we were looking for so I agreed, she sent me to the VRU to confirm my agreement to their terms.

She then told me to take all my boxes except the modem to their walk in. We went to the Auburn WA location, and we spent 1 hour, yes 1 hour in line waiting for assistance along with a ton of other people. During that one hour I saw the most worst customer service by someone named Christopher. He was belittling people, yelling at them, one he said "I am sick and tired of you people asking me questions about your bills, it is simple to read, what do you not understand?!" OMG, really?

He proceeded to belittle, and tell people things like "too bad" and that's the way it is, and you people make your own line its not my fault it goes out the door (it was like 30 degrees out at 9am when they opened). I saw person after person storm out after talking to him, with nothing in their hands. Well it was our turn, we luckly got the other guy, but he said that they discontinued that offer and he couldn't help us!? Really?

We were told it was a new offer a week ago and now it no longer exists and he said they cancelled it about 4 days into the promotion! Wow. He says there was nothing he could do and then quoted me a price of $64 a month for the same service that was quoted at $39. He even said there were noted in my account stating I was promised that package but he couldn't help me.

So we said forget it, and we left, like everyone else, with nothing in our hands and a big distaste of Comcast and their horrible customer service and their sneaky business practices telling you you have it for 1 year and then sending something that looks like junk mail saying you are now being put into a 2 year contract, then telling me lies on the phone as to what they can offer me....AND they want to charge us a cancellation fee too!!!! Unbelievalbe! So after all this poor service, we decided to move all our business to Qwest and Direct TV.

Comcast employees need a LOT of training, an overhaul of employees, and better education in customer service!Bye Bye Comcast, I hope you disappear just like Blockbluster and the other big companies who thought they were safe and can treat their customers so horribly.

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