Comcast/xfinity has gotten from bad to WORST!

I called comcast the other day to complain about an increase on my billing (Netflix premium upgrade which I did not make). Called their customer service who was extremely polite (as expected) and suggested to lower my bill.

Since I used my smartphone to call them, the rep told me to just confirm the adjustment through my phone, of course, without reading the "fine print." Not surprisingly, a series of unfortunate events happened.

Immediately the following day Netflix (which the bill is originally incorporated into my Comcast/xfinity billing) charged a separate bill into my credit card. When I called Netflix they told me that Comcast altered my subscription and removed Netflix. I immediately called Comcast after three (3) representatives and was put on hold for more than an hour only to tell me that I have agreed to a new 2 year contract with a new subscription increase of more that $30. When I told them about "misunderstanding" that was actually brought about by the first "customer service representative," I was told that my old subscription is no longer available and that I am now committed to the new subscription that I have agreed to with a much higher monthly bill.

To top it all, they told me that I am now bound by a new 2 year contract with them. I am planning to CANCEL my contract immediately and will pay whatever penalty they will impose but will NEVER avail of their services EVER AGAIN!


User's recommendation: BEWARE!!!

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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