Chicago, Illinois
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Today i tried to order the UFC event (Lensar vs. Carwin) and for some reason i had to call in.

When I called in it was around 8:50, ten minutes before the event. The first rep I talked to said I had to talk to a tech guy for some reason and transferred me there. Five minutes later the the tech guy said he transferred me to the wrong state. So he said he was going to transfer me, but he instead ended the call.

When I called back again the hours were over and still couldn't order from the tv.

So instead of helping a guest out they keep cycling me around till they closed. What great customer service Comcast.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Service Transfer.

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That's our new strategy, it's called "Help the customer save money". By sending you in circles around our phone tree, we help you save that 50 dollars that you would have otherwise wasted on watching two people slap each other around a ring. You're welcome :)

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