Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

technician came 6 hrs later than "window" given to us and we were promised a waived fee. not only was the fee not waived but it showed up on the next three bills.

spent a long time on the phone trying to get things fixed only to struggle and fight the people who were supposed to be helping me. of the first 6 bills i received at my new house, only 2 were correct. each incorrect one was a hassle to change. i was promised returned calls from supervisors that never happened.

i really despise a company who treats customers so poorly. to their credit, the last time i called i spoke with someone helpful (this was the only time but it was a welcome surprise).

Monetary Loss: $30.

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We helped you and you still had to *** on us. Nice way to say thanks to the agent that helped you. I'm sure if you looked on your bill where it showed credits and debits you would have saw the amounts of credit you were supposed to receive....


Whats this new $6.95 fee per month per digital "ouput"?

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