My feedback on Comcast/Xfinity is that it sucks!!!!! The customer service is horrible, and nobody seems to know what they are doing.

I was on live chat with a girl earlier today and she literally took 6-7 minutes in between each question that I asked her only to come back not answering the question at all. I got so frustrated with her that I disconnected with her and called in. The people in the billing department were just as rude and horrible. I was told since I got your service in December that my installation fee of 66.50 was only for 3 months which I paid and it shows that on my paper, however, today a lady told me that she don’t know who told me that because my installation for 66.50 is for 6 months.

Like WHERE THE *** did that come from. After arguing back and forth with her I decided to do what was best and CANCEL my services. I can’t keep dealing with LIES from Comcast representatives/ Comcast in general.

Not only are they RUDE but NO ONE seems to know what they are doing!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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Mountain View, California, United States #919912

If only you put this much effort into talking with a girl in real life.

to Anonymous Seattle, Washington, United States #919913

Maybe you just bored her?

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