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so I am in pain just having pins and plates on a 3 break broken leg. I have been recovering in front of TV with nothing to watch when I get a sales call to switch to better service and include phone.

the girl tells me we split the installation fee also. So I said if I get 3 more DTA boxes can he program my remotes to them while he is here. She said sure just call customer service and have them shipped by the install date. All was well until I called to get the DTA boxes.

I don't know what was wrong with the girl but she said there was no way the tech would touch those DTA Boxes. So I said I would have them picked up from cable office and hooked up but I wanted the remotes programed so I would not have two remotes if possible. She said that could not be done without charging.

When I agreed to that she told me she could not put in an order for the boxes until after the install order completion.

By this time I wanted to know who was lying, the one that sold me the service or her. prior to the call I answered yes to taking a survey about the call. Guess the survey is rigged along with the run around because I never got a call back for the survey

what a way to treat a $2,500 a year customer!!

I will take my business elsewhere. I know a lot of people that are happy with Dish and Direct and save a lot of money so I will call Comcast 'the worst company in the world also'.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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Loyal Comcast customer for 12 years, moving on to Fios.

I moved into a new home and waited for 30 days before getting any action on a connection into the home. On move in day, Comcast installer came in and determined there was line from the outside; stated it would take anywhere from 1-2 months due to permits and digging.

However within 48 hours Comcast techs and the utility people would be in contact. Utility folks came out marked the street but no Comcast. Instead, I start getting dropped calls on my cell phone from Boston, Mass. Apparently, there auto dialer is fouled up and I need to call them!

I relay the fact that the dialer is bad and tell them I'm not ready to re-schedule an install, as there is no connection into the house. Can they help? No but I should call tech support or sales or customer service. Really, geez why didn't I think of that!

Well, after 4 weeks of calling the Comcast departments and countless of "service order requests", I called for a supervisor. Chewed this person out for the complete lack of communication. So many promises that they would call me back and never EVER received a call from Comcast. On the final day, since my account was pending due to lack of installation after the move, policy calls for them to lock you internet mail and delete from the server after 30 days.

How friendly of them...I am now a drain on their server memory. Well finally met with someone who claims techs were out that week and confirms that a line has been buried. News to me - techs were there 5 minutes, never knocked and left. So decided that an installer SHOULD come out and sort all of this out.

Gentlemen comes out and confirms: NO BURIED LINE or connection to the home. You know what Comcast, I called Verizon Fios on Friday and within a week I had a line connected and home installation scheduled. More importantly, they contacted me 3 times to confirm the appointment and followed up on the outdoor line work. For an area that is supposedly serviced ONLY by Comcast, LO AND BEHOLD VERIZON got the job DONE!!!

And the Comcast rep misrepresented the "telecom" box in my yard (said it was from the electric company). Guess what: It's where the fiber optic comes in!!!!

It now has the Verizon Fios box in it's place. What a BAD BAD company.

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