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I have not been a Comcast customer for several years, however, some of my neighbors are. There is a Comcast cable box attached to the side of my townhouse. On Tuesday, 2/1/11, strong winds blew the lid off the box and the lid is dangling from the cable box with a cable wire holding it up, posing a danger to anyone passing by. It is also banging loudly against the side of the building. I have pictures.

On Saturday, 2/5/11, a Comcast technician was in the area. I asked him if he could put the lid back on and he just got in his truck and drove off. On Monday, 2/7/11, I called Comcast, explained the problem and requested they send someone out ASAP because of the possible danger. I was told a tech would be out on Wednesday. Late Wednesday afternoon I called Comcast to get a status of the technician. I was told a technician would not be out until 2/16/11. I asked to speak to a manager. After waiting on the phone for more than 20 minutes, I was told a manager would call me back. Today is Thursday, 2/10/11m 6:40 p.m. I have not received a call back.

This is a dangerous situation and someone from Comcast needs to take responsibility for their equipment asap.

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After all of that aggravation with Comcast and their "customer service" and their "professionals" WHY do you STILL HAVE A COMCAST BOX ON YOUR HOME?? You don't have their *** service (thankfully) and I'm guessing they aren't paying you anything for allowing them the use of your townhouse for their equipment?? Believe me, if Comcast could come up with a fee for it, they would be charging YOU for that box...

So WHY is that box still on your townhouse again???


Shirley, MA

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