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Today Comcast went below even my very low expectations for their company. I would like to explain to those poor fools who stood in line with me today why they should be upset.

First: When I arrived the normal room for customer service was packed full of people waiting to get their new DTA boxes. I took a number and resigned myself to the *** *** that awaits. I wasn't there more than a few minutes when a "helpful" Comcast employee asked me that if I was just looking to pick up my new box I could leave my number and walk to the other side of the building where they were set up just for handing out new boxes. However, when I entered the special new room I found that it was completely full of angry people and I should point out MORE angry people than in the other room.

Second: And this is the most important bit. The line was moving excruciatingly slow. There were maybe 30 or 40 in the room and there was real tension in the air. Ok, everyone in the room was confused as to why they were in line. I heard multiple people grumbling that they were notified through their Comcast email which they don't use or that they could have asked for the box by mail but they would have had to wait for 4 or 5 days for it to arrive. Basically, everyone there could have avoided all of this waiting if they had responded in a timely manner.

Here comes the real *** moment for Comcast. I think I was the only one who understood why the line was moving so slow. Comcast was attempting to upsell everyone one in line to upgrade their services. Every person who showed up had to hear about Comcast's Premium packages or DVR options blah blah blah. I was in line for an hour and a half that Comcast could give a person to person sales pitch to every customer who was required to sit there and listen to their garbage before they got their god forsaken box.

Here's the thing, eventually one of the smarter people in the room asked why don't you just send someone out here to take our account numbers and names and then give us a box and let us go. A Comcast manager came back with another employee who actually started to do just that. So everyone who had their account number was able to approach out of line to this sole employee to get processed, I being one of them. It took about a minute to get my box.

At the desk, and not wanting to cause a scene, I asked the Comcast employee if I am imagining this or not but are you really trying to upsell to all of these people waiting in line. She whispered back that, yes they were and she wasn't happy about it either. I told her that this is outrageous and I just want to get my box and cables and leave. No joke, she suggested that I speak to her manager who was hiding behind the wall and tell her that this selling needed to stop. Right then I heard the rep at the end of the line describe to a line completer the additional features of upgrading to a DVR box.

I found the manager actually hiding off to the side just left of the end of the line. I asked her if she knew they were selling to all of these people. She said they aren't any more and she told them to stop. I told her I just heard one *** DVR pitch just now from the start of the line so I guess they were going rogue. She marched off to, I guess set them straight.

As I walked the people standing in line applauded my (in my opinion, timid) calling out of Comcast. Seriously, applause and a few "well done"s.

Third and lastly (if you made it this far): I get home and hook up their box and discover I have to "activate" each box I received. Which meant writing down the serial number for each box, going online or calling into Comcast then waiting an additional 15-20 minutes for their box to activate.

Here's the last little pinprick from Comcast. I can no longer use my televisions remote for cable. I am now required to use their cheap looking remote instead of my current remote which currently runs nearly everything else. I know that seems like a small thing but I only pay for their basic, basic package so another remote for more home shopping networks was really not necessary.

A forced digital upgrade is probably necessary. Subjecting your customers to horrifically long lines in order to sell them your services one-by-one is despicable. I hope someone can tell me they broke some type of law by doing this.


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