Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Recently moved and was told there was no clear line of sight for my satellite. Forced to order Comcast.

Negotiated "whole-home" DVR service. I have 4 TVS. I received 4 DVRS in the mail. HA!

I guess that is their idea of whole home DVR service. Only problem, each DVR comes with a $20 rental fee. I asked why didn't they just install the real whole-home service? I was told it is not available in my area.

I said then don't negotiate one thing and then send another. Not only are their boxes gigantic but they are really ugly as well with an bright old-fashioned huge pale orange display. End of story? I cut down a tree and now I have Direct TV again.

Beautiful high-tech cool blue panel on front panel. Noticeable? Yes, but in an AWESOME way. Bill is half what Comcast wanted.

Guide display is years ahead of Comcast. Bottom Line?

Comcast needs to at MINIMUM follow Direct TV if they wanna compete in the TV-service market. Note: I kept Comcast internet, that service is AMAZING!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Manitowoc, Wisconsin, United States #971251

Me to kept Comcast Internet dropped their cable price sucked and so did service

Brandon, Florida, United States #638925

Moved to this rental community that has exclusive contract with Comcast. They won`t let us have Dish, Direct, Verizon or BrightHouse.

Comcast service sucks. Service, channels or internet is always going down. They don`t care when you call `cause we can`t go anywhere else. They don`t return calls or they tell us it`s not their problem.

At my wits end. Will move after my lease expires.

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