Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Day 1: I try to order services myself through the website after moving into a new apartment. Simple, right? Wrong! After entering my service address, the dumb website decided that my apartment already gave me services as an amenity (which it does not) and would not let me order any services. So I clicked on the contact button to chat with a customer service rep. I told him I wanted the double play with 50 mbps internet and 140 channels, which was being advertised at $79.99/month. He then told me of a special promotional offer where I could receive the triple play with 25 mpbs, 140 channels, and phone service for $59.99 a month. I decided this would be a better deal, because even though I'll never use the phone, 25 mbps is plenty for me. So I agreed to that one and confirmed that was the one I wanted. He told me I would receive a confirmation email confirming my purchase

Day 2: The confirmation email says $149.99 for the services. This is obviously wrong. Like an increase of $90 a month over what I was quoted kind of wrong. So I got back on the online chat and told them what happened, what I ordered and what the issue was. The person on there said that there was already a note on my account and the problem was in the process of being fixed. He said I would receive an email shortly notifying me of the fix.

Day 6: No confirmation email. So I call customer service. For the next THREE HOURS I was transferred around to over 10 departments, each one of them containing incompetent people telling me that they can't do anything about it and that (insert next department I'm being transferred to here) will be able to help. Also, every person I talked to told me that there is no way I was quoted that price for those services. It's like they were all accusing me of making up a price just to see if I could get a discount. I ended the night with a lady telling me that I would have to contact whatever department and gave me their phone number. Exhausted with the endless process, I called it a night.

Day 7: I called the department she told me to. Guess what?! No help there either!! AND I SPENT ANOTHER THREE HOURS GOING THROUGH THE EXACT SAME PROCESS!!! I talked to just about every department, some of them multiple times, and also to many supervisors. Near the end of this, a lady told me the only way to figure it out is to go through the online chat service, which is where I ordered the services through (I insisted that I had done that twice already and they didn't help, but she wouldn't help and wouldn't escalate me to a higher-up). So after talking to the lady on online chat, I FINALLY was told that there was some kind of error when quoting me that price, but she would send my request to the Higher Billing Service and they would give me the services I ordered at the price I was quoted. I am convinced the only reason they decided to do this was because they realized I wasn't going to give up and just pay whatever. I was persistent, and multiple hours of persistence and repeating yourself is the only way to get somewhere with customer service.

Day 9: I receive a call saying that my Self-Installation Kit had an error when the request for it to be shipped was put in, and that they're just now shipping it

Day 14: I receive my installation kit, and plug up everything like it should be. My modem and cable box would not come online, so I called customer service. For the next hour, I was transferred around (and hung up on once) until one guy finally realized that my account had not been activated on their end. When asked why, he said it was an error on their part. I was told to wait a few hours and it should be online.

That is where I stand while writing this review. I am very skeptical about what will happen in the next few hours and days. I know for a fact it won't be smooth. It would not surprise me if the equipment does not come online, or if in the process of trying to activate it, he messes up my bill and reverts it to the price I will not pay. I have not actually received my first bill yet, but I in no way feel confident that it will be for the correct amount. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of their sorry excuse for customer service. Their idea of helping is transferring you so you can be put on hold and transferred some more. This is a pathetic company. If there is not a monopoly on cable and internet in your area, please don't give them your money. Because money is all they want and customers are nothing more than an unearned dollar in their pocket.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States #841114

Just an update: a few days later, I got my first bill. Guess what?

It was wrong! So I've had it. I called and instantly dropped their service. I was in the 30 day free trial, so I was told I would not have to pay a penny.

A few days later (after I promptly returned all my equipment), $139 was taken from my bank account by comcast. I called and demanded that money back, she said that it is already going "through the process" and will be delivered to my address in 4-6 weeks. I'm in week 4 right now, no check yet.

What do you want to bet I don't get my money back? More updates to follow.

to Anonymous #1167864

I doubt this actually happened

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