Smyrna, Georgia
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Its bs when watching a channel and another show starts and for some dumb *** reason suddenly an American born show is broadcast in spanish that's bs and you people know it if someone wants to watch the show in spanish let them choose not just change the language when you feel like appeasing to the spanish followers remember were in America and of all the problems we must deal with already you idiots decide to add more I've noticed its quite a few channels doing this so I know it must be CONCAST that's right I said CONCAST AND VERY SHORTLY IT WILL NO LONGER BE IN MY HOUSE SO GOOD FN LUCK KEEPING AMERICAN CUSTOMERS I LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR COMPANY'S DEMISE FILE 13 FOR YOU AND YOUR SPANISH BS

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Even people who think they speak english aren't very well-versed in it ... as you so aptly display in your complaint.

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