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hey everybody i am knew, we need to sue comcast am a member of the s.c.l.u.southern christian leadership conference , and i trying to get a class action suit against comcast, just like what happen to bell south long time ago, when they had a monopoly on the phone system, comcast has got to go, i live in a bld.

with all old and disable people all on low fix, income. they jack up out cable bill. now took away our upper channels said it has been a ascendant that we had them for years,,, now like 3.4 years, now wants us to pay. we have no other company we can use here, only comcast.

so we are screwed... let me know if anybody like to join in, thank you.

from, rev.kilben laFont,

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Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand #1201082

Gratuitous mention of religious group.Pretty sleazy.

Wonder if they realize you are using their org's namesake for your personal gripe?


Hello, im willing to join this group, my scenario is different Comcast is over charging for the future month when i only had to pay for the current month.When I called I only wanted to make a payment of $180.13 for the current month then when speaking with the representative over the phone she stated no ma'am your bill is due for $360.26.

I inform her how is that possible when i have a bill showing im current up to date and the amount due was only $180.13. The rep. Kept refusing i was so irate that i told her that i want to cancel my services with Comcast for conflicting information, she took my payment of $360.26 and transfer when speaking with the customer solutions department he gladly reviewed my account and said no ma'am we apologize for the inconvenience your bill was only due for $180.13 and told me he was going to waive my late fees and cancel my bill which was pending and not processed yet. As he placed me on hold he transfers my call to another representative at the billing department without notifying me.

When speaking with the billing department the representative states they are not authorized to cancel a payment. I was transferred to the consumer department again on conference and they cancelled my account and informed me that the adjustment was made to cancel the account and i will receive the money a month later for the over charge. This os ridiculous on top of that i was broke for father's weekend had to cancel party arrangements ruined...

I want to sue them for unprofessionalism and stress they put me through when they dropped the ball of over charging me when unnecessary.Please contact me at

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Fort Myers, Florida, United States #889911

I would be happy to help!

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #863134

I'll join


Comcast has screwed me over. Even with written proof of the offer that they gave me they will not adjust my bill or my plan! What the *** kind of company looks at a transcript of a conversation you've had with a manager and tells you that even though a manager at their company has offered you a specific promotion they will not honor it?

Boulder, Colorado, United States #600934

I am arranging a class action against Comcast for installing Spyware along with new service connections (requiring you to install the spyware to activate their service through the modem).This spyware changes your search provider, installs a toolbar, changes your homepage, along side various other nefarious hijacking.

No EULA was agreed to in the process and this constitutes criminal behavior.If we are going to slay the giant, we will have to do it the same way they have screwed us: Financially.

to Cl***ActionHero Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #614572

I'm on board, how do we do this?


I really hate it when they keep upping my bill when ever they want.Auto pay is how they get you to not see what they are charging you.

The paperless statements is to blind you from your bill.They ride on the luck that you are too busy to see the simple BS they shove in your mouth.


We have also issues with them.We signed for the "triple package" with 1st year lower payment, what they ignore and overcharge.

We have HD in the package, but on demand we only get black screen and all channels 700+ are disabled. For close to 9 months we fight with them, and hear this: We cannot even get an attorney to sue them for breech of contract and overcharging. We might maybe go to small claims court. Something is wrong with the US legal system.

Breech of contract should be easy to persecute and to punish.Our HD comes only from Netflix and from Blue Rays.


Here is my case they have never sent me a letter stating i owe them money or equipment i got a collection letter form external agency and they actually made me cry the irony of this i never had a service from comcast ....and then i had to go to their office and expalin......and the guy was nice he removed everything....however i had to call the debt collector and notify ....can you blieave i m cleanning comcast mess...and whenever i talk to customer service...they ask if there is anything they can annoying ...i have told one of the custo. service...stop messing with my life .....when she ask the *** question at the end...i am determined to SUE comcast regardless...i m writing a letter and looking for public lawyer....

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