Richmond, Virginia
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Contacted Comcast to add a land line to my existing internet service. The tech arrived an hour early and talked me out of it!!

Stating I would have to remove my current home security system and have the service replaced my XFinity Home Protection. Reasoning that if I lost power the Comcast system would not function as intended with my current system. Why would they offer an incompatible phone service? and...

I wonder why he was an hour early? It amazes me this company is still in business, I never seen worse practices. It appears not only are they uninterested in keeping current customers, but they don't "really" want new ones either.

Not really a complaint but very odd indeed. I guess another provider in the area would be better anyway.

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He could havevlied instead..installed the line and left you with a mess...he also coyld have been a no show....i am sure he would have come back if you did not want him there early. Maybe the next tech will lie and leave you with more problems so you can be happy