Ellensburg, Washington
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I needed to install internet in my home. I called in to talk to one of the representatives of the 24-hour customer service.

I remember I spoke with three different employees. One of them was Robin. I had the modem and router already plugged in. I just needed to verify that everything was done correctly and launch internet.

I spent about 2 HOURS on the phone, trying to figure out why there is no internet access. At the end, FINALLY one of the representatives transferred me to the High Tech Support Department. I spoke with Kristin and in about 5 minutes we figured out that one of the previous owners disconnected a wiring when moving out. I was so frustrated that I spend 2 hours dealing with an issue that could have been resolved in about 5 minutes.

A waste of my time and evening. I am not satisfied with Comcast Customer Service.

Every time I call in, I spend at least an hour on the phone. It is very frustrating.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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Absolutely the same problem on my part, *** customers service. actually the worst I have ever had. I will be switching to dish also.


We have had Comcast in my home for 9 years and it was nothing but a big headache since day one. It began when the service was installed.

The technician cut the cable line too short and rearranged my living room to accommodate the short cable line, when I told the technician that is unacceptable he developed an attitude with me. After he connected the service he left. Didn't even check the TV's to make sure the service was up and working correctly. I turned on the TV and the box wasn't even programmed.

I was furious. I called Comcast after waiting 25 minutes on hold I was told "We can come back out on Tuesday", the service was installed on a Thursday. I told them they needed to come back that day and could not be an entire weekend nevertheless World Series weekend with TV. They said the next available appointment would be Monday between 10-2.

I said I wanted a supervisor. They stated none were available." How convenient. I told them I was not taking another day off from work and this was the technicians fault, not mine. They finally sent someone out later that afternoon.

There's been too many issues since then from non working refurbished boxes, *** service, too expensive and extremely poor customer service. This past Saturday we had Direct TV installed and they were already ahead of the game from Comcast the service actually worked and the technician took his time explaining how the service worked. I was so excited to call Comcast Saturday evening and tell them exactly what I thought of their service and I wanted immediate disconnection. You have know idea what I had to go through to do that to.

Because the account was on my husbands name they needed his permission to speak to me, his social security number (he refused to give), and the exact dollar amount I paid last month. All because they could not look us up in the system with our address and phone number, then to be told "Oh,you called the wrong calling center." I was furious I said " No, *** I called 1-800-COMCAST." Amazing, they had the address to mail me a monthly bill for 9 years and I couldn't be found in the system. They said they couldn't disconnect service they couldn't find. Well, today the boxes are all going back, and a receipt for the return will be requested and they better not pull *** the service was never disconnected.


I was paying $126.00 for Comcast, I now pay $61.00 A MONTH for the same service including brand new boxes that are included. COMCAST IS ALA CART CABLE.

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