Miami, Florida

When Comcast switched from analog to digital television last year they provided small digital adapters which they said the first two were free and additional adapters were $1.99 per month. I ordered two which they said were free.

Four months later I started getting billed for them. I complained to no avail and deaf ears. They now have increased the price to $2.99 each. About four months ago they came up with a way to further rip of their customers, they call it a Broadcast TV Fee.

It started out at $1.50 per month but now has been increased to $3.25 per month. As of the new year (2015) they came up with a Regional Sports Fee of $1.00 per month, which will I'm sure be increased in the coming months. What the *** is next a Cartoon Watching Fee? They've increased their fee for Digital Preferred Cable $10.00 per month since I've had it.

All in all my bill has increased in one year from under $95 something dollars a month to over $117 per month.

Comcast is an unconscionable, money grubbing company that doesn't give a *** about their customers. Will they ever have enough money?

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Same here, now 2.99 a month for free tv. And yet they want to replace the modem for free which wasn't even a problem. Let representatives know that Comcast needs much more regulation and scrutiny.


Ditto with above... The worst company I have ever dealt with.

They are in bed with politicians who will help sell us out. We have become an ATM for comcast.