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Comcast - Installation Review from Woodbridge, Virginia

Comcast - Installation Review from Woodbridge, Virginia
Comcast came to install my neighbors Internet service over six months ago. I phoned comcast to ask when were they going to come back to fix this issue, they replied thanks for brings this to our attention, we'll get someone right out to fix the situation. Six months later this is the resolution to the situation in the photo. They never showed.
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Reason of review
Poor customer service

Comcast in Woodbridge, Virginia - So Much For CUSTOMER SERVICE

We had an appointment to install a 2nd business line on Oct 13th. The tech came out to do the installation walked back and forth for about 3 minutes to determine we needed to have someone come to run the wiring and they would be here on Oct 15th by 5pm. No one showed up and come to find out in your system they have a note stating no one was home. We are a business that does not close until 6pm and we were in the office that Thursday until 7pm with customers, no one came. I called yesterday to try and get a new install date and to see what the hold up was with the wiring. After being transferred more than five times and going through three supervisors I finally after over an hour spoke to a supervisor who attempted to make ease of the situation. After being a loyal business customer for almost two yeas I expect to be treated as though. After I mentioned I might have to go to your competitor instead of staying with comcast it was no big deal to loose my company as a customer his response was ''if that's what you have to do'' this is how you resolve your problems? He finally offered a credit of $60.00 and we settled on $90.00 which in my opinion there was more that could have been done. I am currently in the process of switching my services to another provider.
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  • Customer service
  • Supervisors do not care
  • Service
Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution

Comcast in Woodbridge, Virginia - Recurring charges for rental of equipment that I returned to them

When my service was set up, Comcast installed without my consent or permission a modem for the phone service. I noticed the charge on my first bill, then returned the equipment to them in the UPS box they provided. Every few months, this charge shows up again on my bill, so I have to go through the time-consuming process every time of calling them to say that I don't have the equipment so I'm not paying for it. They make a temporary adjustment to the bill (not enough to cover the costs of the charges or the time I have to spend getting them reversed), only to have the costs reappear a few months later. I'm done with them. They don't have a monopoly anymore so we aren't forced to bend to their corrupt practices any longer.
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Comcast is one of the worst companies - I am a current constomer

I got my Comcast Phone+Internet on September 24, 2012. Until now I have called their customer service more than 10 times for numerous problems with my phone and internet service. They are unable to fix this problem!!! Comcast doesn't provide you the kind of service they promise and charge you for. The company has one of the worst customer services, most of the time they will hung up on you....I have a lot of things to share on their pathetic service, ill trained technicians, and highly irresponsible attitude towards customers...I am a current customer and want you all to stay away from Comcast they are great time liars and cheaters!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is my number: 703-910-4385
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Comcast is useless

I have been having trouble with Comcast for 2 months. DVR would not record, we went to office and traded it in and now this one is not working properly. The sweet people they put on the phone to talk to you, don't know anything but to try to apeese you. I am so tired of giving them my box number and waiting anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes to talk to someone! Comcast get your act together or get out of the business.Right now I have an appointment for Tuesday at their conveinence...Sick of their runaround
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Rosaire John: However in your case since the account was under a BULK account, we do have a dedicated support for BULK account holders.

Al: ok

Rosaire John: You may need to call this dedicated number 800-655-9081.

Rosaire John: They will be the one responsible for processing any orders for BULK accounts.

Rosaire John: Kindly take note the number for future reference.

....this number does not pick up for 45 minutes!


Rosaire John: Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Rosaire John: I am here to provide you with excellent customer service today. Please be assured I will do my best to help you with your concern.

Rosaire John: May I know when and where did you try to order a box?

Al: online, on the phone and via email

Al: i have contacted comcast 7 times now

Rosaire John: Oh I see.

Al: over 3 weeks


Al: My Issue: Still cannot order digital box (week 3)

Rosaire John: I hope you're doing well today.

Al: yup

Al: but ive been talking to comcast again

Al: week 3

Al: still no result haha

Rosaire John: I see here that you have concerns ordering a new cable box, correct?

Al: you guys are terrible

Al: yup

Al: I cant order one

Al: im not concerned

Al: i just cannot get one

Rosaire John: I’m really sorry that happened. Let me see what I can do to make it right for you.

Al: I pay comcast money

Al: but have no service

Rosaire John: Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Rosaire John: I am here to provide you with excellent customer service today. Please be assured I will do my best to help you with your concern

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So Called COMCAST Upgrade to TV Guide

Who came up with this new TV guide?It is the worst *** I've ever seen.You need to drug test whoever came up with this. Prices keep going up and service keeps getting worse. Atleast once a week I have to unplug and reboot ever since they started charging more for HD. Everything is forced on us. Does COMCAST EVER ask what the user wants? NO Lord even this wants 100 words Comcast stinksComcast stinksComcast stinksComcast stinksComcast stinksComcast stinksComcast stinksComcast stinksComcast stinksComcast stinksComcast stinksComcast stinksComcast stinksComcast stinksGo Verizon
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I switched my telephone service to xFinity from Verizon on Friday, October 9th. A little over a week later, I received the "recently disconnected" letter from Verizon. The installer had trouble "porting" my number over, but he was finally successful. All-in-all, I thought the switch over went rather smoothly. In addition to cable TV and internet, now, I also have phone service with xFinity/Comcast. I received a PIN via email within 10 day, but had trouble setting up my voice account. This was a minor irritation and had planned to call when I had time to wait on the phone. In retrospect, I should have realized this nuisance foreshadowed problems to come! On the morning of October 31st, I picked up my cell and saw a text message from my daughter. She'd tried to call home the night before, but had received a "number not in service". Sure enough I picked up one of my house phones and no dial tone; called home number from my cell and I too received the same message. Imagine my surprise and horror when I called xFinity and was toldy by Chante (customer service) that xFinity does not have my home telephone number! The phone number I've had for the past 24 years is, according to Chante, owned by "some other carrier"...and she'll find out which carrier. Before I switched, I specifically (and several times) asked, will I be able to keep my same phone number. I was repeatedly assured, by both the salesperson and the installer, my phone number won't change. I NEVER would have switched had I known the number I've had for all these years, that is associated with my life - family, friends, business, work - would be lost because of a "mistake" on your part. No one should have to go through this! I'm advising everyone I know (and even folks I don't know via the web) don't switch to xFinity! I'm calling Verizon and begging them to take me back - with my old telephone number.
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My 90 yr.old mother was tricked into switching to ComCRAP VOIP.Three days ago the phones quit working,no dial tone,when I tried calling it just rings and rings.Called ComCRAP & spent over 30 minutes with Tawana who assured me even though the system said no technician could come for 3 days,they would "try" to get someone out sooner because mom has a Life Alert that needs a working phone line.It's been 3 days and nothing has been heard or seen from ComCRAP! As soon as I can port her # to another service,I'm cancelling everything from them.


Three days ago Comcast/Xfinity (what ever name they go by dosent change who they are nor change there bad reputation) CANCELLED my phone service for no apparent reason. When i called to complain the first time, Thursday night, I was told a tech needed to come out.

When he came the next day he informed us our service was canceled and that we needed to call back and resubscribe for phone service. That officially made the FIFTH time I placed the order in SIX weeks. We'll see tomorrow morning, thats when they said it would be fixed by, if I have phone or not. If not Im going to Vonage or back to Verizon.

Super pissed off Comcast Xfinity customer!!! :( :( :( Comcast you may change your name but it dont change who you really are INSTEAD try changing your service!


My Cable was SWITCHED unbeknownst to me MID-Movie to X-Finity and it is Now telling me that I must call to have a Representative come to my home to fix the problem which I NEVER asked for in the first place!

My FREE MOVIES on-demand have all but been swiped clean and I for one am NOT a happy camper, :(


Comcast may have been responsible for the porting issues you all experienced, but it's JUST AS LIKELY that Verizon screwed up and didn't allow Comcast to take the number when they were supposed to. It's pretty much a 50/50 shot, none of these companies are reliable when it comes to this ***.

Sad but true. Someone is just as likely to have these issues porting to ANY other company.


Yikes...I'm facing the same issues except that the technitian switched my phone from Verrizon to Comcast without my permission.

The door to door sales guy, Thai Nguyen (From San Jose California) sold me on upgrading my cable and internet service and send out the technitian. Now, he won't have anything to do with fixing my phone problem even tough he initiated the process. Germaine at the 800 number promissed me I would have my original number in 24hrs. Didn't happen and now they are telling me up to seven days.

In the meantime I'm reading the Comcast commitment to customers that tells me they will fix my problems as soon as possible. NOT.


I had similar problems when I switched from Verizon to Comcast for phone service. Also I was missing incomming calls. I had someone call me for 10 times in a one hour period, only 6 of the 10 calls rang my phone and NO, my phone is not defective !

Tow weeks and many problems and many hours spent trying to talk to COmcast reps, and I switched back to Verizon for " traditional " landline phone service. Sure I have to pay all those taxes on the phone bill but I just now smile and think , at least I have something reliable and it works.

Comcast also " lost " my phone number during the process of the changeover.

Never again ! I'd rather pay for traditional phone service and have something I can count on ! The sound quality is much better than the VOIP on comcasts phone service ( VOIP = Voice over Internet Protocol )

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Lets Boycott Comcast

I can now sympathize with East coast Comcast customers. You'd think by now that a company who specializes in HD content delivery would have the necessary technical resources to support their customer base. Don't even bother asking Comcast how to integrate the new Cisco RNG200 DVR into a home theater system or where you can find wiring/connection diagrams on their web site, its only available on the Comcast intranet for customer service associates who are unable to forward the information via email to the customers requesting it. Instead you have to complain and have your case escalated to a supervisor. Since they are all busy and unable to respond within 45 minutes of the request you can see its an exercise in futility. Maybe the answer is to organize a billing boycott Just enough of an interruption in their routine cash flow.
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I wish everyone would quit Comcast all at once. Massive money hungry companies like this one should not be in business.

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Comcast in Woodbridge, Virginia - A Monopoly Gone terribly wrong and not listening to its customers.

Comcast; gonna keep it short n simple..... Ur Service sucks (works half the time, the other time I have constant blackouts. Your customer service sucks(have ur guys show up on time; if at all) Ur internet site sucks. U have 15 listings for cable in ur pick ur category section and only half that for what u offer in big bold letters on the website.... WTF AM I CHOOSING FROM?!?!?!? On top of that there are different deals over the phone than the internet.... Yo.... Help the consumer out... I KNOW!!!!!!!! u guys have a monopoly practically everywhere east of dallas and who knows where else... but cut us a break would ya... QUIT *** US!!!!!!!!!!
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What does this have to do w/Window World? Obviously belongs in the Comcast forum.


They sell Monopoly money at Toys R Us so you can have a super duper amount of $$$. Also, the new versions of the game feature credit cards!

Yup! Cool, huh? Now...

shut the *** up and quit your crying, ***. :cry

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