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Comcast - Review in Telecommunications category from Winchester, Virginia

Lately comcast/xfinity has turned to *** due to how much we pay for so called high speed internet, which is probaly slower than dsl. Also our neighbors tv wasnt working so the angels from comcast came to help them and they did but as they were helping they decided to dig a WW1 trench for a cable line straight through the back of our yard which we would have not cared but the lovely worker decided to leave and said he would come back in the spring to plant grass, ohh and look theyre late like always. We thought well give the comcast support people a call which we did and did and did over and over again. The close to final time we called them they said they did nothing so our reply was ok so i guess i can just rip this cable that doesnt belong to anyone out of the ground. 1 day later the angels called back and said we have reviewed your case and there is no damage done. So if you are thinking about comcast and paying 125+ dollars for high speed (70mbps) youll be getting georgia public school speed internet (32mbps)
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I am 61 and have normal vision for my age, and even with my glasses I can't read the font on the guide. I spent an hour on the phone last night with Comcast, the lady was nice, but all she could say was "they are working on it." How can they call it an "upgrade" if...
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The person that says go to Comcast labs is correct. It worked great.


Yes, I have had similar experiences with website upgrades and this is no different. Make it look sleek and sexy but, really. Blue on black????? I think they should hire som...

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Comcast in Winchester, Virginia - Too expensive!!!!

I been with Comcast since January, 2011... From paying I believe back then $80-$90, now I'm paying $179.76.. For basically the same thing! We have added a new box, that's it! I don't believe it's fair for us loyal customers for our bill to go higher because the "promotional time" has ended. Instead of trying to keep us, you treat us disposable once our contract has ended. To make it worst your costumer services suck!!! When you try to see if there's something else they can offer to lower our bill, we got an answer of "you saved enough money with us trow out the yrs" so basically now you are charging me what I saved? Isn't that the reason why we took Comcast in the first place, to save?... The person didn't even try to offer me anything. I been 4 yrs with this company, I even moved and continue with your services. I told the person I was going to discontinue the services the person simple said "ok, let me transfer you to that department".. Where obviously he just transfer me to the generated answering service. This is the second time this has happen, last yr same thing my bill then when up to $146, I called said I will look for another company, Same thing no one care in comcast if I stay or go... Last night I went to dinner with a friend she was in the phone with Dish. She was basically saying if she could get anything for being a loyal customer and she got 3 months of free movies. She then explain how one time they offer to lower her bill with them just offering just the channels she wanted. Isn't that great!! Why pay for channels I don't even watch?? Which I just see them trying to keep her as a customer... Plus me being a new customer I will get additional discount for 6 months. My friend also told me she used to have comcast and had to change because the same, to expensive! It's sad to say, but I'm going to have to change. I hate changes! That's why last yr I stayed with you guys but $179 it's ridicules! I don't even use the house phone. Oh by the way, when I told your customer services if he could take the phone charge away he just said it will be even higher your bill... I'm moving again soon so most likely I will be moving from you guys as well.

Comcast in Winchester, Virginia - Duh!

I paid to have the equipment shipped to my house, in order to do the self installation. Two days after installing my router I get a confirmation call, at work, saying an associate would be at my apartment the next day to install the router. They made me stay on the line for half an hour to cancel the appointment. The representative said I would be charged more money if I did not go through this ridiculous process. I explained that I was with a client, but this did not matter. The next day, after completing this unnecessary cancellation, a technician also called me to say he'd be at my place in 30 min to do an installation. I went trough a long process of cancellation to avoid an additional charge again. Now I am trying to watch my teams game, missing important, last quarter, plays. Thanks for wasting my time and money, Comcast. Nothing makes me feel more valued than threats and an uncaring staff!

Comcast in Winchester, Virginia - Changed my two contract on bundled services

Beware of COMCAST special offers and promo...Clarify well the services they are going to offer.They suggest a two year contract on a bundled package and then they turn around after three months and start billing you extra for supposedly 'expired promotional services after three months '.When you complain TO THE ACCOUNTS DEPT OR REPRESENTATIVE about the extra charges they remove certain part of the package and tell you that you were never on a contract.I foolishly took up a package in December 2010 and in March I was being charged $29 extra supposedly for HBO.Youd think a big company like that wouldnt produce scams...think well