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Comcast Internet Service Review from Ruther Glen, Virginia

I am not the kind of person to complain but Comcast is the most distasteful internet service I've ever had. I have had connection issues from December to the beginning of March all regarding my wifi suddenly dropping or not letting my devices connect to it for some reason. My bother had called and complained about the wifi working only to be told by technical representatives to "return the box and we will give you another one", and still the same issues kept happening (we have replaced the box ATLEAST 6 times over a period of a year!!!!). On the box, it would show that we had internet but when we would try to play a game or watch Internet or even do online homework, the signal would constantly drop and we would have a hard time connecting back. So finally in March a tech came over to discover that it wasn't the router/motem that wasn't working, we were actually in a area that was having "noise" interruptions which led to the wifi actually dropping and connecting. That it wasn't just our house, it was an AREA problem. So the the tech replaced our wires in the back yard and called his supervisor to report the issue in the area so they could fix it. Then told us that he would credit our account for a month for poor service. So when I called back at the end of the month, I find out through speaking to a Comcast rep that he did not in fact put the credit in my account, but the rep insured that she was going to have her supervisor because it was over her credit amount and told me it should apply to my next bill, so I pay my past due and call next month only to find out that AGAIN the credit has not been put on my account nor is there any notes in my account about the wifi outage, so after being promised the same thing, that I would have the credit out on my account, I call back on 5/5/2016 only to find out that no EVER had put a request in, so I ask to speak with a supervisor and was told that the supervisor would call me back in 2 hours. Then the representative told me she was going to send the credit request again and I ended my phone call. I never got a call from a supervisor. So I called again on 5/10/2016 to get more time to pay my bill and to speak with a supervisor, in which again I was told would call me in 2 hours. I FINALLY get the call at almost 8pm at night, just for the supervisor to tell me she could only credit me for 2 days of disconnected service, which is a total of roughly 5$. And that was the best that she could do for me and told me she was going to listen to my calls and give me a call back in the morning the morning the next day after I had to explain to her the injustice or all this *** I've been going through for over 3 months. I have been told the same lie for 3 months, every single time I tell a rep to note my account they wouldn't. Comcast reps constantly lie to you and give false information over and over again, no matter how wrong the situation is. This company has no moral, no empathy and refuses to acknowledge there wrongs and try to make them right with the costumer. I can't EVER get anyone to give me a call back, and through all of this, they only want to credit me back 5$ though all the lies and promises they have told me. I am disgusted with Comcast and EXTREMLY ANGRY, with all that they have put me through. They give you a run around and bill you for *** serivce when you had none.
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Comcast Internet Service
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