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Comcast - Account Review from Midlothian, Virginia

I was told by a customer service rep from one of xfinity's lobby locations that my promo was about to expire. She suggested i call retention to get another promo before they increase my bill. To my surprise when i received my bill the increase was already added to the bill. I went from paying $168.00 to $210.00.I could not believe the customer service from that department. I spoke with two different people on different days and they act like they were robots. It was like they were reading a sarrivalcript. I told them i was looking for something cheaper and they kept offering me something higher. One told me one thing and the other something else and when questioned about it said that there was some misunderstanding. I was over talked by one rep. She was more eager for me to close my account instead of assisting me. Long story short, i spent over 45 minutes on the phone and was given a promo that i do not like. It was strange that she was able to quote me a price when it was more than i could afford, but was not able to tell me how much my bill would be with the cheaper price. She claim that the reason was because of my location the taxes are different. I have been with Xfinity for over 10 years and had never received this type of service. I'm now in the process of looking for another cable service. I use to defend the company, but from what i have experienced i can no longer do that.
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I am in the same process as you. When I told Comcast I was no longer going to have their service they said I had a contract that I would be charged a penalty.

The contract expired in October 2013. LIKE YOU i have been a customer since 2011

The cost has continually increased Dec 2015 my bill was $162 now January 2016 its $170 way too much for an 83 year old

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Comcast in Midlothian, Virginia - Destructive help from your tech

I had lost my internet service. Phone and tv working fine. At the end of getting my internet service restored by your technician, he used the name Alphonso Tobias. He then told me that my computer was in bad shape. He wanted to install: a firewall, fix 33,000 errors that he found, install anti-malware, install anti-spyware, pop-up blockers and ad blockers. He said it would cost $199.99 or with a year coverage $299.99. I declined both offers. After ending my conversation with him. I reconnected to the internet and found that he [Alphonso Tobias] had opened and stacked over twenty *** sites on my internet. I rebooted my computer to get away from his mess.
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  • Ridiculous Technical Support


I dumped Comcast today for Cable TV. Now I am using Direct TV which is FAR better and I HIGHLY recommend it. Comcast Digital TV was terrible the sound was garbled due to lousy implementation and bad technology Now ALL my channels are digital quality and NO garbled audio. I get MORE channels at a better price. Currently I am using Comcast for two residential cable modem internet accounts and Comcast BETTER not screw with my VOIP phones that my girlfriend Mary NEEDS to use for her work which is counseling breast cancer survivors. In that case we will just get a business cable modem account from Comcast if necessary and then that will do for it. However dumping Comcast for Cable TV is our means of punishing Comcast for two things which are lousy cable iTV service AND the download Cap on cable modem. So THERE Comcast. REALIZE THIS. I am not going to stand for substandard or pernicious services from ANYone ANYmore. I regret I didn't go over to Direct TV a LONG way back, but I have now and am SO glad and HIGHLY recommend that everyone with the Direct TV option USE IT.
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I've had it with Comcast

I have been a loyal Comcast customer for years and recently they have been mailing me and sending sales people to my door telling me that I had to switch my Comcast phone service to digital before April 15th 2008 or my phone service would be discontinued. So I agreed to have it done after a sales person came to my home for the 5th time and she told me that it would be an easy switch over and I would keep my current phone number...So she set up a date to have it switched over and the independent contractor who didn't speak English very well comes to my house to do the work on a Friday and after he left I could only make out going calls and could not receive incoming calls. I called customer service and they tried for 2 days to fix the problem over the phone. Finally they sent out another independent contractor who couldn't speak good English and he fixed the problem and told me that I had a new phone number, I told him that the sale s person told me that I would keep my old number and he told me to call customer service and they told me that I could not get my old number back. I told them to come take the phone out because at that point I was very dissatisfied and stressed out over the whole situation. Customer service sent out another independent contractor to my home and he disconnected my phone and dissconnect my ethernet plug to my computer for some strange reason. And it took me an hour to figure the problem out so I could get back online. I called verizon the next day and they sent a verizon employee to my home who was an American citizen and he was very pleasant and hooked my phone service up in 30 minutes and now I am switching my internet and cable TV over to verizon. The word comcast will never be spoken in my home again I forbid it.
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