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Comcast-No Training Required

I may be wasting my time to say how bad Comcast service is. If you go onto Comcast Reviews and Reports, it shows their service desk representatives are rude and not knowledgeable. Then the technicians that are sent to our home are just as, for lack of a better word, ***. I don’t believe that anyone is trained to sell or use the equipment they offer. Every time they show up at my home to repair or install something it NEVER happens the first trip. It usually takes several trips to get the job done. When you call to have someone come back out, and after being transferred a couple of times, it would be too easy to just send the same technician. The second trip, the issue starts all over (from the hour phone call, to the lack of knowledge when the so called technician gets there). It’s a waste of my time and your money paying people to do what should have been done in one trip. Is that how you stay in business, deliberately NOT doing the job the first time?? Then passing the cost of multiple trips onto your customer?? So to make a long bunch of bull, shorter; Comcast ranks in my book, THE WORST service you can ever “not” receive. On a 1 to 100 scale, they deserve a 1. I am SO UPSET right now, and I hope that they read this and take it to heart, before they lose all their customers to Dish and Direct. Take some pride in your company, and train your employees to actually care about WHY they have the job they do in the first place…CUSTOMERS…PEOPLE!! Without us, there would be no you!! Try to make some changes, so your customers won’t feel this way. Thank you. The saga continues… I was told that there would be someone at my home on Friday, April 22nd between 1-5pm and no one showed up. No call, no nothing. I guess they don’t care if their customers are sitting there for hours waiting for them to show up. What a joke! Then they wanted to come out to my house on Sunday afternoon in the same time frame, from 1-5pm. Of course my answer was no. We set the appointment up for Monday between 8-10am. They sent the same man that came out the first time (on April 20th) and he didn’t know how to complete the job that first day, so why was he back at my home? I showed him everything that needed to be working and that was a waste of my time. Needless to say, I had to have yet even more technicians come out to my home to get the boxes working. They came out on, what was the 7th day involved in JUST TRYING TO GET MY BOXES ALL WORKING. On the 26th of April, they sent 2 different trucks (what a waste of the consumer’s time and money there alone, not to forget the several other trips they made). Between the two men they sent that day, hallelujah, they got my cable boxes working. I have one question to ask Comcast/Xfinity… DO YOU TRAIN ANYONE THAT WORKS FOR YOUR COMPANY?? From my experience, I DON’T THINK SO. WARNING TO ALL COMCAST CUSTOMERS: BE PATIENT AND DON’T EXPECT MIRACLES. THAT IS WHAT IT WOULD TAKE FOR THE TECHNICIANS TO ACTUALLY GET THE JOB DONE THE FIRST TIME!!
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Comcast Technical Support
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  • Waste of my time

I can now sympathize with East coast Comcast customers. You'd think by now that a company who specializes in HD content delivery would have the necessary technical resources to support their customer base. Don't even bother asking Comcast how to integrate the...
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I wish everyone would quit Comcast all at once. Massive money hungry companies like this one should not be in business.

Comcast Technical Support

Comcast - Can't get the boxes working..

I moved across the street and comcast can't get my two HD boxes to work properly. The first techs out there set me up moving day but did not check all the signals. I replaced my cable modem twice just to get my phone line and internet up. Now my cable boxes are not functioning properly. They lock up, can't receive some channels, I'm lucky if they boot up... HELP.. the tech has been out three times - one time for six hours and I've been on the phone with technical support for at least six hours. I had two of my three cable boxes across the street. They worked fine. They sent me to the comcast retail store because one of the boxes (HD/DVR) couldn't boot. Still two of the new boxes don't work. My old one with out the card works just fine. Contrary to what they think I can't sit home and wait for them to come over and trouble shoot...
Pearisburg, Virginia
Comcast Technical Support