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Comcast customer service beyond belief

I just want to start by saying we are extremely unhappy with our customer service. A little history. About 3 weeks ago we upgraded to X1. All boxes and TVs were working fine. Last Wednesday we had a problem and the picture was freezing, would not change channels, etc. I phoned CS on Thursday and was told by a rep someone could come out on Saturday between 2:30-4:30. I spent over 30 minutes on the phone with this particular rep. Each time I told her something she would put me on hold for a couple minutes. This went on for 30 minutes. I told her I wanted someone at my house on Friday. Before we hung up she told me someone would be there on Friday and gave me a confirmation #. I took off work 2 hours early Friday to be home from 2:30-4:30. Nobody ever showed. When I called to inquire I was told no the apt was for Saturday. Even when I gave them the confirmation # I was given they told me that # was not in the system. I was told that we would receive a $20 credit which I do not see on the bill to date. Saturday a repairman showed up. He told me we had a low signal. He was on the phone a few minutes, opened the box on the side of our house. Came in with some kind of meter. Rebooted the DVR box and things seem to work. One hour later trouble started again. On Sunday my husband and I and an advocate friend of ours was present when we phoned Comcast again. I almost think we spoke to the same person as the original call. She does not speak nor understand English very well. For almost an hour my husband tried to explain to her the problem and she kept repeating the same thing and putting us on hold. She would come back on the line, “thank you sir for holding” and repeat it all again. She also told us we had an apt scheduled for November 5. That was absolutely incorrect. Who would ever wait a month for a service appointment and why would we not have been told this. My husband told her to have someone from the local office phone him immediately. Approximately 2 hours later someone did actually phone although the guy didn’t seem to know much more than anyone else we had spoken to. He scheduled an apt with a supervisory tech for today from 7:30-9:30. Because we were working on Tuesday and I was off Monday, I phoned back later Sunday evening. I spoke with Gilbert in the Maryland office. Of course I have to go through all of the details with him again. I told him we haven’t had consistent service since last Wednesday. He told me he would credit our account $33 not for sure where that amount came from. I do see that amount credited on the bill. He told me Sunday evening someone would be out yesterday between 8-12. I asked if he could narrow that down a bit and he said no. Yesterday I sat at home from 8:00-12:00. At about 10:30 I phoned customer service only to hear a recording saying our apt was between 9:30-11:30. At 11:35 I phoned customer service because nobody had showed up. She told me we were next in cue and that she would credit us $20. Still no credit reflected on bill. So now I have wasted 6 hours to no avail. My husband spoke with someone yesterday and he assured us a tech would be at our home this evening between 4:30-6:30. If this tech does show and does not resolve the problem, we are sending all the equipment back with him. We have had this level of customer service for 14 years from Comcast. We will not tolerate it any longer, don’t have to because there are other options. Feel free to phone me if you would like additional information. At this point we should be receiving the full month free of charge.
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Poor customer service

Comcast in Arlington, Virginia - Use RCN in DC

Comcast has screwed me with increasing fees and false charges, difficulty in disconnected, poor service and poor customer service. All the bad things you read are true; in DC, use RCN instead. They charged me for a dvd box I never got, did not show for service appointments, and the speed was highly intermittent even though I paid for an upgrade. Their cables rely on a rather inferior, fragile system that in my apartment building was often failing, and it failed also when someone moved in since the cables are not labelled or dedicated, they were often cut. In trying to disconnect, I had to call multiple numbers; you can upgrade but not disconnect, and even in talking to a rep to disconnect, they want to move their service rather than let you disconnect.
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I filed a complaint with the BBB and the FCC regarding my poor service. I am suggesting that you do the same. Also please take the time to contact the executives for customer service via email with these addresses.,

It is time that they do something about their bad customer service.

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Bad quality

Comcast even worse than expected.

I moved and had my Comcast service transferred, or so I thought. The technician who connected our service, was haughty and distracted. He connected one room, while our service specifies, all rooms will be accessible. He spent most of his time talking to friends and the company. He finally managed to connect us in two rooms, but would not install another recorder. A week later, another technician showed up, but without the equipment. Five days later another technician was scheduled to arrive and I was contacted three times about the appointment. Now I have waited four hours, and no one has shown up I tried to call Comcast, but the wait on the telephone was initially 15 to 20 minutes, an hour later it was 30 to 35 minutes. Even their chat room is too busy to respond. This is a company that wants to prove it can handle the load of additional customers, yet it cannot handle the customers it has. If it weren't so much trouble, I'd gladly switch to another provider, but in many places there is no competition. I keep hoping my situation will get resolved, but I seriously doubt it.
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You mention in many places there is no competition, but you did not clarify if you are stuck with only comcast. If you have a choice, I would cancel.

Comcast could care less what you are going through. They truly only want money and there are millions of people still willing to give them their hard earned money for that sshiitt service.

You are being walked all over and taken advantage of, and you are lying down taking it up the arrsse. Cancel and give your money to some other company.

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Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Deliver product or service ordered

Comcast in Arlington, Virginia - Horrible Experience

Short Version: - Service first started on 7/23/12, Service did not work until 9/18/12 - Original install resulted on follow up appointment to fix cable issue - Resulted in 8 more rescheduled appointments - Promises given to me of crediting my bill once the issue has been repaired - After issue was resolved, was told that my issue was a "special request appointment" and that it is not creditable. Long Version: My service started on July 23rd of this year. My girlfriend and I live in a small apartment in Northern Virginia. We signed up for the Blast Plus promotion going on in this area for 49.99/month for the first 6 months. We get the initial technician visit where he installs the modem and cable box. We are unable cable working but internet works decently (cuts in and out enough to be inconvenient). The technician despite trying three different cable boxes still thinks its the cable box. We schedule a 2nd technician to come out with a different box... surprise his didn't work either. He checks the wire signal and notices a really poor signal. (We live on the 18th floor, so signal loss is normal. However the amount lost was much higher than normal). So now that the issue was figured out we scheduled a tech to come out to look at the wire and fix it. We schedule with my apartment complex to check various units underneath us to locate the issue in the wire. Despite people taking off work to be there for it, the tech never showed up. I then proceeded to reschedule. Next tech shows up at the rescheduled date with a cable box. He asks me what the problem is to which I responded: "The issue is in the post-wire, we had a tech scheduled to come fix it and he never showed up. You were supposed to fix it.". His response was well let me check the signal.. He checks the signal, determines it's low (no really?) and tells me its the power coming from the tap in my apartments cable room. I reschedule.. (Current visits from Comcast: 5, including no show) Comcast (or comcast's contractor) comes out and checks power coming from tap, readings are normal. Tells me that it's the post wire and the post-wire people need to be scheduled to come out. I reschedule (6). At this point it's been one month. I call customer service requesting that my bill be credited in fear that if I pay my bills my issue will never be fixed. After speaking with 3-4 different people I finally managed to get that done for me. (Great, finally some customer service). However my bill due date changed from the 23rd of August to the 10th of September... odd... So the "post-wire" guy shows up without scheduling with my apartment complex. He shows up at my door and he's not even a post-wire guy, he has no idea what hes supposed to be doing. He starts off with "So your cable hasn't been working right?" I tell him no, tell him the story, etc. He decides to check my signal strength... tells me I need a post-wire guy. Yes... yes I know. I'm starting to learn Comcast terminology at this point. If I lose my job and apply at Comcast I probably won't need to go through any training. We reschedule (7) and a post-wire guy comes out (FINALLY) but he wasn't scheduled with the apartment. This guy was actually a pretty good tech. He checked the readings just to be sure, he told me that he's gonna personally make sure my issue gets fixed because he must have felt bad for me. This was a relief, he really went above and beyond what he needed to do as a Comcast tech. However, I needed to reschedule (8). The next time, it was the same guy that showed up from before. I actually called Comcast twice to remind them they need to schedule with my complex that a tech is coming. Surprisingly they never scheduled so when he got here he couldn't do anything. (Note: I am not able to schedule Comcast's job for them with my complex.. I tried). He personally went and talked to the manager of the building and got it scheduled. Like I said, this guy was good. Reschedule. (9) The same guy showed up again, this time was able to find the issue in 10 mins and fix the wire. Cable works! (9/18/12) However, I needed to change my box from the DTA to an HD box where I needed to personally travel to the comcast center and pick it up. So now it's time for the grand finale. I call Comcast customer service up so that I can get my bill all sorted out, get credited for all this time I didn't have service and move on. Post-wire repairs are called "special request" visits (Or something of that nature). When I spoke with the customer service agent she told me that I was unable to be credited for my service because "Special requests" are not creditable. This was the first time in this entire almost 2 month period that I got frustrated on the phone. You mean to tell me after all of this you're going to make me pay for it as though I had service this entire time? According to the rep I spoke with, my service was working back on August 24th (when I was credited for the first month). So the person who credited me orignally must have marked that my service was completed (which I strictly stated was not) But wait, it gets better! I look at my bill more intently to see that my service changed. I no longer had the 49.99/month promotional offer. I had a $35 cable and $20 internet package which I never consented to. So as of right now my bill is 21 days overdue (but september 10th isn't 21 days ago.... Yeah I know) I am not paying my bill at all until I know that my time spent dealing with this awful service will be credited. You are not stealing my money Comcast. Thank you for reading my story.
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Comcast in Arlington, Virginia - Raised rates, billing statement too complicated to understand

Comcast Cable continue to raise my rates even after I turned in some of their equipment I can't afford. Called several times for an explanation but they seem to always make it too complicated to understand. Even the paper billing I received in the mail is too complicated to understand. When calling on the phone they always want you to wait for a call-back because they are supposedly waiting on other customers. The call back can take as long as 2 hours. When I finally get their call-back I can be on the phone with a customer service rep for at least 20 minutes. One call to them in particular on 3/22/12 lasted about 8 minutes, then he put me on hold for another 32 minutes. I couldn't hold on any longer. This is the last straw. I am in the process of contacting the Public Service Commission of my state. If that dosen't work, then maybe I will start a class action law suit.
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Time to go with someone else, n'est pas?


Suit for what??????????????????????????? :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :eek :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

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Comcast in Arlington, Virginia - Internet and phone don't work way too often

It is time for us to lead a consumer revolt against Comcast. My phone and Internet are out at least once a week. I have had enough. I am trying to get someone at The Washington Post to do an article, but until then, I have a suggestion: FOR EVERY DAY YOUR SERVICE IS OUT, DEDUCT THAT DAY FROM YOUR BILL WHEN YOU PAY IT. NOTE ON THE BILL THAT IT IS A DEDUCTION FOR LACK OF SERVICE. If hundreds of thousands of us do this, there aren't enough collection agencies in the country to handle the volume. Do it. Keep track of when your service is out, even for an hour, and deduct that day from your bill. We have to hit this mutil-billion-dollar company where it will its wallet. I'm starting today, August 26, 2011, in Bethesda, MD.
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Do it, let it go to collections, have no service because they disconnect you for non pay and screw up your credit. Mass exodus and going to a competitor will effect them much more than deducting days without service - your approach is childish at best, but on the right track.

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Updated Comcast TV Guide is Horrible

... 3 lines of what's on TV so they can make room for a pop-up ad banner on the bottom trying to pitch seriously? Comcast --> you need to figure out what customers want. --> bad choice for how to advertise. you've actually offended a potential customer. & ironically "Pissed Customer" is now *** me off because they're wasting my time to get to 100 word minimum. All I needed was 50 so the rest of this is just to waste space until the *** site lets me click submit. gotta love spending 100 words to say what only needs 50.
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I just can't figure out why they would do this! I have always had issues with Comcast- and I have complained through customer service which is a joke.

Nothing is ever fixed! Just unplug and replug? If only life we that simple.

Well, with this new "upgrade"- it reboots 5+ times a day! I can't figure out how the *** I'm supposed to DVR anything.

I can't scroll through the menu while watching something without it pausing the show I'm currently watching! It's like those arrow buttons function as DVR buttons!!!!

My shows don't record- what am I paying for?!

A message saying "call 1-800Xfinity"?I can't stand Comcast. I'm done.


No more Picture in a Picture!!! You call that an upgrade? How do you take away a major feature and call it an upgrade?


This "upgrade" is horrible. Who ever ok'd this should be fired. I just called DirectTV and am going with them from now on.

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Bad ip from comcast

mi ip from comcast has had black box spam reports on it since 2007. ive only had for 2 months. i have 2 other email accounts w computermail and yahoo. they give me time outs, and suspend me, because i have a bad ip. ive delt with all areas of comcast for 2 months stright, everyone passes it to someone else. the ex. office just left a message on my phone saying they changed my ip, but they did not. they refuse to communicate through email because i told them im saving all correspondance. all i want is a new ip. so much for comcast customer gaurentee.
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August 24, 2013


I am writing to inform you about the type of service provided to me by Comcast which is very different to your advertisements in various form. If I tell you the whole story it will be very long hence I will write highlights and you can check the file Comcast maintains on my account. The problem has been intermittent hence difficult to pin down.

Summer 2012 –We could not watch summer Olympics on high definition CBS due to interference to the point that picture and audio were not working at all. Comcast response – loose connections hence it was my responsibility. Solution – We watched regular CBS instead of HD since that time.

July 2013 – Very erratic internet reception to a point that lots of calls were dropped on our Vonage phone. Could not work on the computer at home because what should take less than 10 minutes took more than an hour (if I got connection). Comcast technician came, tightened connections and left. Problem continues.

August 9, 2013 – Comcast technician came and replaced modem after I worked with your technicians that there was a connection problem. The new modem made the problem even worse as the non-reception times were longer and the lights on the modem were not even lit for prolonged periods. Your technicians confirmed that the modem had no signal 57 times (I do not know over what period of time). Your technician insisted on sending another modem by UPS rather than with a technician.

August 15, 2013 – New modem arrives and I installed it with Comcast technician help. Your technician suspected the splitter was defective so modem was directly connected and TV was disconnected. After about 4 hours all modem lights were not lit and there was no reception. I installed a new splitter and watched. Internet connection was erratic. I contacted Comcast the following day and worked with Comcast technician. She could not see the signal from the modem. She suggested removing the splitter and she was able to see the signal thereby concluding that splitter was faulty. I suggested reconnecting the splitter and test again. It worked and confirmed erratic reception. Now scheduling the technician visit started. Comcast insisted on charging $50 to my account and if the technician felt it was not Comcast fault the charge will be reversed.

How much more do we need to go through before we get the service we have been paying for without getting the service promised? During discussion one of Comcast representative mentioned that it was your policy to credit my account $20 whenever a technician is involved and the problem continues. I should get a credit of at least $60 on this account. Your supervisor would not honor that commitment.

A technician was scheduled for 8/21/2013 with a window of 3-5 PM. I took time off from work and stayed at home. At 5 PM I was told the technician was running late and will be here at 6:30 PM. I had no choice but to wait and he never showed up and nobody called me. On 8/23/2013 I called Comcast to reschedule the technician. Your representative went through the entire history and we lost telephone connection because internet went down. I made another call and got another representative and I spent another 30 minutes to get a technician appointment. Soon after it was set we lost telephone connection again. Now the technician earliest appointment I could get is August 29, 12-4 PM. There goes your two hour window guarantee.

By the way, during last few days the reception on TV is scrambled on channels in addition to CBS HD and this is also erratic. Same thing is happening on the phone line put in by Comcast (luckily we are not depending on that phone line). Meanwhile, we keep on paying our bills without getting any reliable service. I hope you will listen to the recorded conversations that have taken place between your representatives and me. I can write an interesting book.



Chandra P. Khattak, Ph.D.

11 Forsythia Dr.

Nashua, NH 03062

Home phone : 603-577-1703


with a service like comcast you have a dynamic IP address, it changes all the time on its own. there is virtually no way that you've had the same IP address since 2007, you have probably had tens or hundreds in that time period. you can also force it to change anytime you want if you change your mac address.

also, because of the dynamic ip system, it is silly for a company like yahoo to ban an IP address, so it is probably also worth your while to contact them about it.

far more likely is that your computer is a malware'd up piece of junk and you spam people without knowing it.


Listen up, jag-off. You Will not get as you say "a new ip address".

The DHCP server will release a new ip with every service update that comcast issues.

If you are having issue with some online email service like yahoo or gmail, it's not a comcast related issue. This one's for you and all those other *** out there that think every computer issue is the issue of their isp! Comcast provides internet service...period!!

how you access it or access online apps and websites is your freakin problem. End of story.


Are you forwarding email to your other accounts? Email the abuse department at Comcast to see if they can help you.

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I've been without cable for a week!! I Wednesday, made an appointment for Friday (I'm a home stay mom), placed a note on my door asking them to knock hard that I was home and produced my phone #, waited whole day and finally got a call at 4PM saying they were at my home at 3:20 but none was home...I was like WTF?...ok maybe was an honest mistake, let's reschedule! I rescheduled for Saturday (Whole day appointment) so, did the same...placed a note on my door, none called or showed up! when I called them that evening, they told me someone came by and none was home!! I cannot curse here...but that's what I feel like doing...***ing lying bastards!...I was like disconnect the *** service, the lady was like well is weekend and I'm an operator, you will have to call Monday! So I've been on the phone for 34 minutes! to disconnect my services...the guy was like...Why do you want to disc. your serv.?...LOL you got to be kidding me!! Anyways I disconnected, I will not pay a dime of my hard work money to this lying bastards!
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i believe there is something wrong with comcast. i suspect (ONLY MY OPINION), Comcast is about to go Adelphia's way, a competitor that went defunct because of management irregularities.

today i wrote a letter to government officials and I will ask the justice department to halt their merger with NBC. I found the company has problems at every level including customer relations, pricing, equipment, management and installations. please write to me at

I want to hear your story. Thank you

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COMCAST is so bad in so many ways ....

Um, where do I begin. This is the fifth forced interaction with them at my new location. They have, I dunno, this sounds like a rant and, well, it is, how the *** do they....ugh....LONG LIVE I dunno Dish Network or Satellite TV or Fios or ANYTHING BUT THOSE MOTHERS at COMCAST! WHAT ***. Uh, I just have older analog tvs and well, actually, I am just typing at this point to achieve minimum word count for this page. Comcast should not exist in a healthy competitive environment, I do not get it. I hate them with all my heart....
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it took me a day and a service call to my house for them realize they has cut on my tv when I asked them to drop the expensive internet service (I switched to fios). Not surprised they are so expensive; they sent someone out to fix something they could have worked out by looking at my account.

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