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Comcast in Alexandria, Virginia - Terrible "customer service"

Comcast greed is so ridiculous. The usual less quality and poorer service for higher costs is exactly what Comcast has pitched forward. Hiring persons brought in from other countries so the multi-billion dollar corporation pays them less and makes bigger profits for its CEOs is what it's about. The time to boycott is way overdue. When visiting their store I wa confronted by unfriendly clerks. Someone has forgotten who the customers are and how we should be treated if the corporation wants to retain customers for the long-term. After being approached as if they don't about clients I and others are ready to change servers.
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Comcast - Bad internet connection in Alexandria, VA

Just want to add to the numerous complaints about bad internet connections in Alexandria, VA. I work from home and continues to have unreliable service in my area. I had to come in to work because they told me that they cannot tell me what time the service will be restored. So frustrating and unreliable. There really isn't any excuse living so close to everything. Comcast does not seem to do anyhthing about it. So I will continue to elevate the problem until they do something about it. My neighbor who works from home had to move, because they were having to *** since there is anything they can do. They complain and complain nothing happens.
Someone needs to end the Comcast monopoly. The Justice Department must ensure that they are not allowed to acquire NBC Universal. This is such a minor issue, but they just downgraded (or, as they say, "upgraded") my viewing guide to the same guide that I had circa...
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I agree this \"new\" upgrade to a what they claim is a better interactive guide sux. Channels don\'t advance, you can\'t see what is on tomorrow, it just turns itself off all ...


Too late they already own them too.

I sent the following e-mail to Brian Roberts, Comcast CEO, today. I encourage all fellow pissed-off customers to do likewise. Dear Mr. Roberts, I don't assume for a moment that you will personally read this e-mail, but hope that at least one of your personal...
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You do realize that you like all other Comcast internet customers are on a grid and the more customers on your grid the slower your internet connection will be. But then again...

comcast must die

XFAILITY/COMCRAP. I worked at the Lynnwood, WA call center where a fat sup named Kim Edwards sent email telling to work off the clock without pay. We were fired when we com...

On May 9, 2010, I contacted comcast online chating service. The representative who I was chating with was Gianina. She/He was extremely rude and never answered my question correctly. The billing of my service was increased without any explaination. I was seeking for...
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Michael- A comcast customer

Did you have this promotion in writing? Also, have you compared their services to others *** h as Verizon or DirecTV/Hughes Direct Way?OMG ive been there and done that..and so...


Comcast and Misapplied payments

Comcast changed my phone number, on my request, nearly a year ago, but never changed my number in their files. So, they keep applying my payments to the account of the people who used to have this phone number. I've made them fix it once, overpaid who knows how many times and had my service cut off multiple times. They still haven't fixed it and until today, still had the old number as the number on my account despite my telling them about the problem multiple times. I just got a bill today saying I still owe despite having paid and faxed them proof of my payments. Unfortunately, Comcast has a monopoly on cable service in my area. I think I'm going to file a claim with consumer affairs for my city.

Comcast in Alexandria, Virginia - Useless chat personnel; useless phone personnel

you call, you wait. you wait, you are deceived into thinking you will be rewarded with competence on the other end. no siree bob. you use comcast chat. same. the guy on the phone has no verbal command of english. the guy on the chat has no written capacity. sorree. is there anyone out there capable of writing a cable bill that will genuinely deliver competition? their answer: well your box musta stopped werkin' let's make an appointment to have someone out there. can't ya just leave a box on my porch? nope. i think this is a ploy from the mccain campaign to keep me from watching gov palin debate thursday night.

The Incompetency of Comcast

Unfortunately, Comcast is the only service in the area, so we have to use them. However, this is by far the worst experience i have ever had with a company. When we had our initial connection they told us they could ONLY come to our apartment between 7&11 on a Sunday morning. The technician showed up at noon and when i asked him why he was late, his retort was, "Because i got other clients besides you". Um... excuse me? You had FOUR hours to find some time to actually be prompt to my home! Now, Comcast supposedly has an on time guarantee - but because he didn't damage anything while installing it, we still had to pay for waiting all that time for a technician to show up late and have an attitude! Had i known that was as good as it would get, I probably would have told him not to bother. The connection constantly goes in and out, resulting in us losing not only the internet connection, but tv as well. The cable constantly freezes and blacks out or will just lose sound every few seconds (as it's doing now!). Comcast's explanation? Well, they just don't care. When we finally got them to come check it out, we were stood up THREE times before anyone ever actually showed up. And to make matters even more annoying, we are paying for a phone that doesn't work! Why? Because Comcast doesn't feel the need to actually fix it! I have just never in my life experienced anything as horrific as Comcast, in quality and customer service. We are counting the days until FIOS is available and then we can finally tell Comcast where to shove it!