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Comcast in Reston, Virginia - Service is bad. phone,internet,over charging on billing ect

The service that I have received from com cast is like working like with a bunch of rookie's. Internet the phone and TV.Billing, constant increases. The service techs totally messed up my alarm where I had to get the alarm company to straiten out there mess. Over 16 service visits, what a waste of my time.I was in action mode and was getting charged for regular rate, after a com cast rep. said that it would stay in vacation mode. Tonight I have been on the phone for over a hour and a half and no results. Wasted time again, I'm changing.

Comcast doesn't care, Period

Comcast is the worst service company I have ever had. The high speed internet is not reliable, period. In the past 6 month it has been donw 34 times for no reason. The only thing that is good abour comcast is the people on the phone. They try and are responsive. But every this else is just (I Dont Give a Darn attitude) I will eventuall find some one else who wants my money (Verizon) etc. Why would any company do this to their customers. the cable has been laying on the ground outside of my house for over 3 years. I wish there was some one who cared.

The Incompetency of Comcast

Unfortunately, Comcast is the only service in the area, so we have to use them. However, this is by far the worst experience i have ever had with a company. When we had our initial connection they told us they could ONLY come to our apartment between 7&11 on a Sunday morning. The technician showed up at noon and when i asked him why he was late, his retort was, "Because i got other clients besides you". Um... excuse me? You had FOUR hours to find some time to actually be prompt to my home! Now, Comcast supposedly has an on time guarantee - but because he didn't damage anything while installing it, we still had to pay for waiting all that time for a technician to show up late and have an attitude! Had i known that was as good as it would get, I probably would have told him not to bother. The connection constantly goes in and out, resulting in us losing not only the internet connection, but tv as well. The cable constantly freezes and blacks out or will just lose sound every few seconds (as it's doing now!). Comcast's explanation? Well, they just don't care. When we finally got them to come check it out, we were stood up THREE times before anyone ever actually showed up. And to make matters even more annoying, we are paying for a phone that doesn't work! Why? Because Comcast doesn't feel the need to actually fix it! I have just never in my life experienced anything as horrific as Comcast, in quality and customer service. We are counting the days until FIOS is available and then we can finally tell Comcast where to shove it!

Comcast is the Worst

Comcast is the worst cable tv service I've ever experienced. And I have been a consumer of cable services for over 20 years, living in many different cities all over the United States and Canada, so I have plenty of experience with cable tv services. Since February 9 (today is April 27), I have had no less than 10 service appointments with Comcast because our cable tv reception, boxes breaking, and "not authorized" messages which cannot be fixed over the phone. Three of these appointments, a Comcast technician didn't even show up or call. Oh but they sure remember to send us a bill. Almost $250/mo with our Internet and Telephone services included. But I think I could pay them $100,000 per month and still get *** customer service. Their people at their phone center (you get to speak to a different one every time) have no clue what they're doing. About 1/3 of the time, when a technician has showed up, they tell me that the problem could have been fixed over the phone. I hate Comcast, and if I had *any* choice for my television services, I'd switch immediately. Unfortunately, our apartment faces exactly the wrong direction to get satellite, so we're stuck. I strongly urge you never to use Comcast services. They are, by far, the worst in North America.

Comcast couldn't care less about customer service

Comcast NJ - The FTC has to end the structure of cable TV. When we don't have enough options, customer service becomes the lowest priority for a company. Such is the cast with Comcast. I scheduled a service call for Sunday, 4/27. Wanted to get a hi-def box installed. I sat home today and waited. My window was 9a - 11a. As it got later and later, I called Comcast and of course they weren't showing I had an appt. The *** phone rep never recorded it. He did, however, make a push to get me to sign up for the bundle package. (I didn't) Wouldn't shut up about it - yet he wasn't competent enough to get my appt. straight. The best part -- the web site features a section from Rick Germano (I think that's the name), who is supposedly SVP of Operations. Nice long letter from this guy bragging about how great the customer service is. They lead you to believe you can email the guy. When you do the automated response is nothing less than patronizing. Comcast = Slime, pondscum, just plain criminals.

I've had it with Comcast

I have been a loyal Comcast customer for years and recently they have been mailing me and sending sales people to my door telling me that I had to switch my Comcast phone service to digital before April 15th 2008 or my phone service would be discontinued. So I agreed to have it done after a sales person came to my home for the 5th time and she told me that it would be an easy switch over and I would keep my current phone number...So she set up a date to have it switched over and the independent contractor who didn't speak English very well comes to my house to do the work on a Friday and after he left I could only make out going calls and could not receive incoming calls. I called customer service and they tried for 2 days to fix the problem over the phone. Finally they sent out another independent contractor who couldn't speak good English and he fixed the problem and told me that I had a new phone number, I told him that the sale s person told me that I would keep my old number and he told me to call customer service and they told me that I could not get my old number back. I told them to come take the phone out because at that point I was very dissatisfied and stressed out over the whole situation. Customer service sent out another independent contractor to my home and he disconnected my phone and dissconnect my ethernet plug to my computer for some strange reason. And it took me an hour to figure the problem out so I could get back online. I called verizon the next day and they sent a verizon employee to my home who was an American citizen and he was very pleasant and hooked my phone service up in 30 minutes and now I am switching my internet and cable TV over to verizon. The word comcast will never be spoken in my home again I forbid it.

Comcast consistently does not send us a monthly bill and then charges us a late fee the next month. This is the 2nd month in a row that this has happened and the 4th time since we started using Comcast. The customer service is AWFUL and rude! When I called most...
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not the basketball player

since november of 2012 my cable internet has been ***. I call comcast every week and they send out a tech,tech can't figure out what the problem is NOT my house nor t...

slave at a call center

We hate you TOO! You *** call thinking the front line barely over minimum wage employees can do anything about the bad Comcast service. WE Cannot! This whole company is a m...


Comcast in Reston, Virginia - Lousy service in Harrisburg PA

Scheduled comcast to come to my home for cable installation on 2/16/2008 in Harrisburg PA. Service person came, did a little work, happened to trip the circuit accidently. Lost power in the front living area, he became scared, packed up his tools, scampered to the door stating couldn't do anything else. Not his fault, can't fix it, must leave for another job. No cable, no explaination, no response from the company, but a too bad so sad, can't get back there until 3/1. Comcast sucks in customer service, qualified technicians, ansering their phones. Run to dish network.