It really cracks me up how some people go on here and smear a company that has been the top cable provider in the country since 1963. Every company has issues to be worked out or individual issues at individual homes with equiptment ect.

It happenes in every aspect of every company. I have had Comcast for 17 years and have never had an issue. That is not to say that issues dont come up but be an adult about and call the 1-800-COMCAST number and ask for help instead of just being a hater.

You folks complaining on here are also the same ones complaining about every other type of service issue with every other company you do business with. Get a grip on yourselves for goodness sake.

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Very satified is Brian Robert's Mom - say Goodnight Gracie :zzz :grin ;) :roll :p

Thats great thought I was a lone ranger here. I am a tech at Comcast and I do see every issue described within these threads on my day to day.

Folks hes right just call the number if you dont like the answer or the person your talking to HANG UP call back. There are like 24 call centers not to mention you can always jump in your car and drive to your local office. We only have ---------1 overseas call center. If you have got it you are most likely calling in the late hours or a time when the others are busy or in meetings.

Wait a bit and call back in. I hate talking to overseas troubleshooters myself. If you are not happy with the end result of your service or you had a complaint dont call....you will be called by our survey automated service within an hour after that tech closes your work order. Remember this automated call IS RECORDERED.

It can and in some cases be used for training purposes for the Comcast Employs. The supervisors do listen to these and ALL the bad ones are flagged for a supervisor to hear. Comcast does care about its customers. We are striving to to get to your issue and resolve it the 1st trip.

There are times when 1 guy misses something and a return trip is needed. There should not be a case when a 3rd trip to your home is needed. In these cases it is escalated to a supervisor automatically. We do not want to waste your valueable time no more than you want us repeating the visit 4 same issue.

As well you can ask 4 a specific tech to revisit your home if you liked his skill set or even ask for an expierenced tech only. You are the end user and it is your home dont be afraid to ask for specifics...

Keasbey, New Jersey, United States #271563

Not happy with a Company then don't do business with them. Need an example?

I hate Taco bell so i have a choice.

I can either go eat Taco Bell and then complain about how *** it is OR.....wait for it..........i can eat something else instead. Either i am a genius or some people struggle hard.


I agree, the cost of cable service is high and, I realize that I have the choice to spend my money the way I see fit. I used to work in the Comcast call center and I will be the first to say it was the worst job I have ever had.The customers a rude,immature and overall clueless.I should write a book on the experiences I had As far as my service, in the four years I have had subscribed to Comcast, I have never lost or experienced degraded picture quality or sluggish internet.Lets face it there is and never will be 'perfect service'. There are just too many variables.


I agree with the original writer of this post. I've had Comcast since they came to WA in 2002 and it's been great.

I don't know about other people, but here we have Qwest, CenturyLink and Frontier and they suck!! Dropped internet every Friday and Saturday. Plus they're only open 8 hours a day and closed Sunday (CenturyLink that is). Yeah Comcast is super annoying with their pricing, but you get what you pay for.

I use my internet for everything and I would go nuts if I had to go back to 1.5mg...yikes! TV not so much, I like Netflix and a land line is unnecessary this day in age.


The issue is that the channels that i've had for the past 2 years have been eliminated on 2-12-11 and the rest of the good channels are scheduled to be removed 3-22-11. I got the adapters that comcast said was needed to keep the channels that I was loosing and get 10 new ones.

Well I didn't get anything that the letter described and lost even more when I connected the adapter.

Customer service said that it will cost me $45 more a month for the package that includes what I lost. I hate comcast.


You sure must like your job with Comcast, or are you a paid lobbyist?


What baloney. 17 years with Comcast and you're completely satisfied? I guess it's 'refreshing' to find someone who appreciates being rolled over by big business.

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