My internet went out after a thunderstorm. I call Comcast and they tell me my Modem may be bad but they can not replace it for 5 to 7 days, it is a Comcast Rental Modem. I ask if I can go out and buy my own and they said yes. I go to nearby Staples and for $100 I come home with new Modem. Hook it up in a couple of minutes call Camcast and they set it up. Worked for 20 minutes then no internet again.

I call Comcast again and am told the service is off for maintenance and it would be back in about an hour. It never came back. I call Comcast and now they tell me it is because fiber optic cable is being put in, Fiber Optic was put in here over 5 years ago !

Comcast schedules appointment for a tech to show up 8AM to 12 Noon on Monday. No Show ! Then I am told tech will be here between 11 AM and 2PM, once again No Show, then they tell me 2PM to 5PM. 5:05 PM a tech arrives and confirms no signal for internet in my house. He checks out on the pole on the street and No Signal. Tech says he can not do any more and would have to refer the problem to " Line Maintenance Dept.

Meanwhile, first thing Monday Morning I call Verizon and inquire about getting $19.95 / Mo DSL. We discuss various plans they have and agree on what I wanted. They shipped me the modem & filters overninght got them the next day. Tuesday I get a call from Verizon that my phone line is ready for DSL and to go ahead and do the self install kit. About half an hour later I am on line with Verizon DSL while I am still waiting for Comcast Line Maintenance Dept to repair the cable in the street here ! It has been One Week since the problem with Comcast began and I am still waiting !

I'd suggest anyone with Comcast Internet, if you are ny kind of serious internet user, you might want to look into getting a budget priced DSL service as a back-up in case your Comcast Broadband stops working and you too have to wait a week or more to get it back ! The DSL is doing a nice job for me for most of my internet uses. At least I can still be on the internet.

Who knows when Comcast will ever get my service fully restored.

As I bought my own Modem, I returned the rented one to their local office. I asked for a reciept. The reciept said nothing on it about a rental modem being returned and the space for a signature was blank. I asked to have the reciept filled in showing return of the rented modem and also a signature. The " clerk " refused to sign the reciept or fill in anything more than what was printed on it. I ask to see a supervisor or manager and was told there is NO supervisor and NO manager at this office and if I have any further questions I have to call the 800 COMCAST number !

So how can I say Verizon DSL is Faster than Comcast Xfinity Broadband ? When I called Verizon for DSL they had me online in 2 days after I first called them ! It has been over 1 week and Comcast has still not fully restored my Comcast Xfinity Broadband !

This is certainly NOT Comcastic !

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