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Comcast has screwed me with increasing fees and false charges, difficulty in disconnected, poor service and poor customer service. All the bad things you read are true; in DC, use RCN instead.

They charged me for a dvd box I never got, did not show for service appointments, and the speed was highly intermittent even though I paid for an upgrade. Their cables rely on a rather inferior, fragile system that in my apartment building was often failing, and it failed also when someone moved in since the cables are not labelled or dedicated, they were often cut.

In trying to disconnect, I had to call multiple numbers; you can upgrade but not disconnect, and even in talking to a rep to disconnect, they want to move their service rather than let you disconnect.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I filed a complaint with the BBB and the FCC regarding my poor service. I am suggesting that you do the same. Also please take the time to contact the executives for customer service via email with these addresses.



It is time that they do something about their bad customer service.

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