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I've been a Comcast customer for years. I know there aren't many choices, but know if you chose to use them watch your bill.

This happened at my previous residence & now again. When you sign up they tell you $110 for the triple play bundle for 2 years. Which by the time you add their fees and taxes comes to $150 a month. Well after a year I noticed a small increase every month until my bill was averaging over $200.

My husband went to the local Comcast where they told him Comcast owed us $150 refund because they had been over charging. But he would need to call customer service to get it worked out, they can't handle it there. SO my husband calls Comcast, waiting through 25 minutes of automation only to hear from them that our contract was only good for a year and after a year was supposed to go from $110 to $135. I'm not quiet sure how $135 turns into enough fees and taxes to turn into $200 but it seems to.

They make their service so terrible that people will just put up with whatever they dish out to keep from having to deal with them. As soon as my contract is up I'm going with someone else. No matter what kind of deal they offer you, it won't last and their customer service is a person you cant understand and doesn't understand you and certainly won't help. I know they are a huge company and could care less about losing one person, but just like VERIZON, 1 person can turn into millions.

People need to stop letting vendors and service providers run all over them. We all owrk hard and it's not ok!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I filed a complaint with the BBB and the FCC regarding my poor service. I am suggesting that you do the same. Also please take the time to contact the executives for customer service via email with these addresses.



It is time that they do something about their bad customer service.

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