Arlington, Virginia
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... 3 lines of what's on TV so they can make room for a pop-up ad banner on the bottom trying to pitch seriously?

Comcast --> you need to figure out what customers want. --> bad choice for how to advertise. you've actually offended a potential customer.

& ironically "Pissed Customer" is now *** me off because they're wasting my time to get to 100 word minimum. All I needed was 50 so the rest of this is just to waste space until the *** site lets me click submit. gotta love spending 100 words to say what only needs 50.

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I just can't figure out why they would do this! I have always had issues with Comcast- and I have complained through customer service which is a joke.

Nothing is ever fixed! Just unplug and replug? If only life we that simple.

Well, with this new "upgrade"- it reboots 5+ times a day! I can't figure out how the *** I'm supposed to DVR anything.

I can't scroll through the menu while watching something without it pausing the show I'm currently watching! It's like those arrow buttons function as DVR buttons!!!!

My shows don't record- what am I paying for?!

A message saying "call 1-800Xfinity"?I can't stand Comcast. I'm done.


No more Picture in a Picture!!! You call that an upgrade? How do you take away a major feature and call it an upgrade?


This "upgrade" is horrible. Who ever ok'd this should be fired. I just called DirectTV and am going with them from now on.

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