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Update by user May 16, 2017

yes this was resolved. Telling the salesman in person did help.

We had someone come on Easter.

Then a week later because I complained to the FCC a rep called and gave us a credit- very substantial. All solved.

Update by user Apr 17, 2017

I already posted this. A few nights ago a salesman from Comcast was soliciting our neighborhood.

We told him about our issues. He claimed he could help. The next day we were called by Comcast with a recording that someone would appear on Easter Sunday. A tech did come on Easter.

He was wonderful- Waldy Machin Tech # 5601. He deserves a raise. He spent a long time here, and also called the maintenance people to get up on the pole and replace the equipment. The same day.

We are now up and running.

But if we had not met the sales person, Craig Lawrence, I suspect we would still be waiting. Comcast gave us a $44 credit for loss of service.

Original review posted by user Apr 16, 2017

Here is an update. April 16th Easter Sunday.

A sales person from Comcast was wandering through our neighborhood two nights ago, while we were walking, and when he identified which company he was repping, we pounced on him. He promised he could make things happen. Lo and behold, yesterday, I get a call with a recording saying that we had a tech coming the following day, Easter Sunday. And he showed up.

I had to press him to get to the pole through our yard and not the neighbors's. He got on a ladder, seemed to know what we needed. So he is up in the attic now, replacing a line. He is also calling the maintenance guy to come back and replace the "TOP" at the line behind the house at the pole.Looks like he is going to get us up and running in any case.

Hopefully, strong signal. Now why is it we had to jump through all these hoops to get someone finally who is competent? And I still could not communicate anything to Comcast except to call that 800 number.

Until we happened to meet someone from sales. Comcast, you need to do better if you want to start servicing our neighborhood.

Reason of review: Someone came and got it fixed.

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I need him at my house...Wi-Fi has been hit, miss since Thanksgiving 2016...even after upgrading modem and router to top of the line equipment! So frustrating.