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I have been a Comcast(Now, Time Warner) for over 15 years. For the last 4 months, my I have been getting a lot of dropped connections, then unable to to connect online for several hours or sometimes days. I have called their customer service with this issue and always been told that they will send a tech to my resident. I had emphasized to them that it's no use if the come over when my internet is working at the time. They are willing to check the problem at their own convenience but not mine(when the internet is not working). I know that it's not my modem, I replaced it a couple of times. Hard wiring my connection doesn't help either. One of the techs that came to my house told me that they have an on call tech to handle this issue and advised me to ask for it when the problem occurs, I tried but fell into deft ears. I had asked them why they keep sending a tech to my house when my internet is working because the techs will only tell me it's working and there is nothing to fix. DUH!

I also tried to discontinue my service several times and got transferred to their retention department. This department will offer you a good deal to keep your business. I took the bait a few times because of the quality of the product(very fast!!, when it's working). On my last call, I gave them an option. I told them I will keep the service if you can send a tech right now, if not, then cancel my subscription. They chose to cancel my subscription.

I really liked Time Warner speed compared to AT&T(my back up) but the customer service to resolve my ongoing issue got me frustrated and furious. SO, THAT"S ENOUGH!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

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We are about to be hit with the switch to digital and not analog, plus apparently needing a box for every TV. There is not accurance information forthcoming, and it also appears that a newer TV or DVR will still require a Comcast box, which sounds like a ripoff

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